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Daily Thread: Tues. June 30

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Good morning peeps.

Yet another cool, rainy day here

It would be a perfect day to just snuggle in bed with <a href=><img src= border=0></a>, and watch tv all day.

Myself, and my 2 DD's have to go see the dentist today for our yearly check ups.

Then I have physio later on.

I have a wee project to work on So I'll be doing that thru parts of today too. It's nice to have something to do. I had been declining the computer work due to my hands, but they've been doing ok for a little bit (as in functionality) so I decided to fiddle with a no-pressure assignment to start back into computer work

That's bout it..... Hubby will be home today (it's a holiday here tomorrow which brings him home that's one bonus to a holiday in the middle of the week. He is only gone Monday night, home Tues night, no work on Wed, gone Thurs night, and back on Friday

Have a good day folks.
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Morning All!!

Rainy here as well this morning.

Not sure what I am going to do today, most likely just putter around the house I guess. My shoulders are wee bit better this morning but still really sore from the damp weather.

I do have a few chores to take care of today so I will work away at those. My sister said she may stop by later for a visit but we will have to wait and see.

The kitties are having some treats so they are happy about that.

Everyone have a great day
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It is my day off, and I may not do a thing but hang out with the kitties. A friend of ours just had a baby, so we might go see them later, it depends on if I feel like getting out in the heat. It got up to 105 degrees on the cab stand yesterday, so the ac feels really good today.
I hope everyone has a great day!
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Afternoon ladies!

Lazy day for me. It`s very hot so this morning I pootled, went upstairs to see the chappies. Typed up and printed off someones eviction notice.

Then I had a leasurly sunbathe out the back for an hour followed by an hour of Jeremy Kyle

It`s gone 3pm now and I`m scanning my old negatives to get some pictures for FB. My scanner is taking about 20 minutes to scan 4 pictures so I will be doing that until I get really, really bored.

Enjoy your day everyone!
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Good Morning everyone! I am on my way to the barn! Also I need to find a new or another job becuase my current job isnt giving me enough hours....Im sorry but I cant live off of 6 hours a week and I have been there longer than most of the other job search yay! It was overcast but the sun is coming out.....which means it will be in the 100s again today. Everyone have a great day!
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Morning.. so bored at work today. My boss is in bed sick with a bad cold. Must be really bad, as he's not one to take a sick day, like ever. Well he's still here, since the office is part of his house, but he's in his bedroom sleeping.

Today is Tuesday, which means 'dinner night' at home, each week my BF and I take turns making a nice dinner, instead of the usual fend for ourselves/eat when we want thing. It's been warm in the apartment so i think there will be no oven/stove involved. Sounds like a good day for a big bad fresh salad!! Can't wait to see what he comes up with, he gets pretty cretive in the kitchen when he wants to. Gosh, I'm getting hungry already!!
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Afternoon ladies!

Lazy day for me. It`s very hot so this morning I pootled,
Ummmm. What is pootled? just lazing about?
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One word (ok two)....I'm tired!!

Bender woke be up at 4:39 am (thanks) the alarm was set to off at 4:55 am.
Worked from about 5:50 am to 12:10. Ran one errand, filled the truck with gas and off for a two hour stint at one clients home and then another hour at another.

Had a tasty snack of potato chips and a beer and read the two newspapers and a magazine.

Its 63F outside and overcast but the rain is going to miss us again. Had to put on a sweatshirt and have a blanket on as my feet are cold.

Gonna relax in bathtub later this evening and an early nite for me!
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