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Question about my neutered male

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Hello! I have a male stray that I took in after I got him fixed. Well since he was outdoors for so long he had a little girlfriend that I'm sure he mated with when he could....long story short at the end of May I brought his little girlfriend in and got her spayed. She is more stray/feral than he was and is finally coming out from underneath my bed and playing with him during the night.

My question is - I'll hear her crying from out in the living room and its because he is biting her & trying to mate with her again. I usually go out there and turn on the light and he stops & she runs back to my bedroom...I hate to keep scaring her....do you think this will eventually stop?? I don't know how male cats act sex wise after they are fixed...any advice?

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It takes up to 2 months for the male hormones to settle so depending on when you got him done he could still need time to settle.

Also, biting the neck is a dominance behaviour if he's been fixed long enough. It's often seen in males and females.
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He could also just be tring to show he's the boss. Some males do that even if they are not intact.
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Older toms sometimes still "mate" because that is what they've been doing. And it can take up to 2 months before the hormones are out of his system.

I'd keep them a little more separated for awhile and then reintroduce them.
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From the sounds of things, this behavior only goes on at night when you are sleeping? If this is the case, you may want to keep them separated at night, just make sure you have water and a litter box for each of them.
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I'd hate to keep them seperated as the female stays under my bed all day long (I'm the first human she has ever known) so she only feels comfortable to come out and play with the male when its night time. They were boyfriend / girlfriend while living outdoors (I took the male in first...got him neutered in January...then finally caught her and brought her in the house in June) I'm definately sure he used to mate with her when they were both not fixed...so I can only assume this will continue...

Do you think when I hear the crying and come out to find them...when she runs away scared...should I squirt him with a watergun or something to let him learn that what he is doing is bad?
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