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Cat tree we made

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We made this cat tree this weekend.
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We still have to make the ramp for it though and it will be finished!
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Wow! You did a great job. I would love to be able to make one. The cat trees that are sold in shops are way too expensive.
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Oh my god that is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous
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You should go into buisness!!!

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OMG!!! Great job!!!!!
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color me impressed!

that is NICE!!
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Please tell us, was it hard?? How much did all those materials cost? Is it a lot less than just buying one already made? How long did it take you?

20 questions..
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Wow Wow Wow what a great cat tree - you should start selling them!
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It took quite a while, I'd say about a full day. We got all the cuts for the base out of a 4 x 8 sheet of particle board, it was about 8 dollars and a box of wood screws, about 3 dollars and we already had the carpet. We also had the 2 x 4's too,for the legs, it took 2 and a half of those. It was a 9 x 12 piece of carpet and we didnt have to buy that so it only cost us about 11.00. I figure no more than 50 if we had to buy the carpet though. The hardest part was putting the carpet on the boards for the frame. That was the most time consuming part.
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That looks great!! You did a wonderful job on it!
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I am applauding as well!
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Can you make me one??
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That is very impressive!!! What did you use to attach the carpet? I am thinking about making something (on a much smaller scale) this summer, and I wondered if you can use glue or staples for the carpet.
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What a great tree! Since I'll bet you're not willing to travel the country building these for TCS members, how about some really specific directions posted here?
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Good job.

We just recently made one too, actually its our second one that we tackled. They really aren't all that hard, and if you have spare carpet laying around that keeps the cost down!
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"Not that hard".. hm.. I question this.. ??
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Nice job! I keep thinking I should try to make one for Spike, but I'm not quite that handy.
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Wow Great cat tree I am in awe of your ability to build one of those. Can you put me on your list to make one??
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Can I be added too??
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Haha.. see I'm a lazy a**. I went out and spent $90 on a cat tree

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that cat tree is soo cool!, i was going to make one too before till i went to the carpet store and was told i had to buy a WHOLE roll of carpet as a minimum for $200!!! GEEESH!
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wow that is great!!! You should make them and sell them on ebay! It is amazing how much cat trees go for!
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My husband still is recovering from making the cat tree this weekend, he sat on the floor stapling the carpet onto the boards and he is quite sore! He says now he knows why they charge so much! We do have to make one more though, for my daughter and maybe one more for our screened porch, and that will probably be the last he says, but it was worth it for the cats and to save all that money!
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Woohoo, now that's a cat tree
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