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these poor kittens need transport ASAP!

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I sent this woman a message through ebay, but no response yet:

URGENT prayer request for KITTENS in DANGER!!!
Jun 29, 2009 1:37 AM

* Report

Hello everyone. You know I rarely ask for prayer personally, but this is tearing my heart out and I am begging for your prayers and that God will intervene.

Recently I ran into a disabled woman who I overheard talking to a friend of her's ... She was terribly upset and said something about Christians. Feeling drawn to talk to her, I introduced myself and told her that I couldn't help hearing some of her conversation and that apparently she was very worried about her pets. I also told her I was a Christian and she began to apologize profusely and told me her story.

She is disabled and she had taken in 2 cats who had had kittens and her landlord had told her that if she doesn't get rid of the kittens by JUNE 30 ( TUESDAY ), he will come to her trailer and kill all the kittens. ( This was where I had heard the word Christian come up as the landlord tells her he is a Christian, yet is threatening this clearly poor, disabled woman, with killing the kittens she loves sooo much ). She was soooooooooo upset and I TOTALLY understand why!!!

I told her that not all people who claimed to be Christians ARE Christians and that I would try to help her find homes or atleast a safe place for these innocent little kittens. ( 4 are 5 weeks old and 3 are 4 months old ).

I have approximately 13 rescue cats I care for myself and simply can't take any more... ( That is another story ...)

PLEASE pray that God Himself will intervene and save these kittens somehow... She loves them so much! I know it isn't Christian of me to say, but I think this landlord is just EVIL...

PLEASE PRAY for a miracle for this lady and her kittens to be saved from this monster of a landlord who calls himself a Christian!!!

If I was able to, I would go and get those kittens first thing in the morning, but unfortunately I have work, and then evening worship when I get off. Also, I barely have enough money for gas until I get paid this week while these poor animals have until tomorrow. So, I was wondering if anyone here that is willing to help is willing to get in touch with the lady. I asked her for more information to direct help, but no response yet.

Btw, the poster is from around Pinehurst, NC. I am from Fayetteville, NC. If only they were a tad closer...
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Just read this update:

God bless you all for your prayers! I contacted more animal rescue groups and ALL the kittens have been rescued and adopted!!! HALLELEUJAH!
At last word, there are now between 3 and 13 older cats that are loose on the property and various animal groups are working together and catch them for fostering and adoption!!!

There is one older cat ( avbout 5 yrs. old - a Scottish Fold ) that was thrown out on her road and when she found him, he could not walk on any of four legs. She nursed and took care of him and he now walks on all four but appararently arthritis is making this difficult. I suspect he may the hardest to adopt , but with your prayers too, he will find a loving home who can generously care for him as well.

Thank you for your support, prayers and encouraging words. I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown myself due to other things in my life and then worrying about getting the kittens helped.

Then, I was awakened by my neighbor complaining about some of my own cats had gotten out and she swore she could smell cat spray on her bushes... Yes, she really has proven she IS the " nose-y " neighbor we have always heard her to be.

Anyway, thank for your prayers and comfort. They have been answered! Please also pray the crippled Scottish Fold cat gets a good home, too...

By the way, the disabled woman left the property - homeless - to get away from the man, but she now has a place to stay...

The LORD did indeed answer prayers in a mighty way!

(And all God's children said, " Amen' " ) :-x

Phew. And to think I was in panic mode.
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That's great news! That first post had me really angry.
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It's definitely one of the cons of having to move here from Virginia Beach where the animal care is definitely better. Of course, there's poor owners there too, but until we moved here, I have never seen such poor ownership of animals, including the neighbors on both sides of us. Really disgusting sometimes. It's like I'm surrounded by morons (the humans, not the animals).
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That is Great News.
Those people are jerk
I was going to write Pastor John.
He will be in Fayetteville tomorrow.
He is moving to Roseboro,NC and his mother in law is in Fayetteville,NC.
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