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My cat likes cell phones?

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It's hilarious. Last night my cat (Her name is Lotis) stole my brother's cell phone off his bed, and carried it away to her own little corner. Then we decided to call it. The video below is a result.


Oh, and I'm new here...
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My Genever LOVES cell phones too! Nice to hear we're not the only ones who have stealth phone theives.. I thought it was just her. She goes absolutely nuts over them, especially my BF's work Blackberry, and the case for it. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=195867

It doesn't matter if they're vibrating/ringing or not, if it's within reach or she sees it, she attacks it. BF's Blackberry died a few weeks ago so when he got a new one, he gave ger the old case to chew on. It's definitely one of her fave toys..
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DH's ringtone is "Flight of the Bumblebee". We are not technologically minded people - we don't know how to change it. Anyway, Speck goes crazy whenever he hears it. He starts running around the house trying to find it.
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Chilsa would rub up against the phone while I was talking to BF. Now Panther always demands attention when the phone goes off; it's like she's taken over the phone-pesterer job.
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My boys LOVE apple i phone.. cause they can use it too.. they have more fun trying to press buttons and make the screen light up.
They also love the clackity sound of the key board annnnnnd television. .
All three of the boys will sit up and watch with me on the projector.
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