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Male not using litterbox...owner wants to put to sleep!! - Page 2

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I don't believe a UTI can be detected from a blood sample. Has to be a Urine analysis.

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i really hope everything works itself out.
i have to agree that he needs to see a vet, but how do you get vergie to agree to let him go...

and the more i think about it the more i think that he needs a new home... i mean there are people who have the patience, i'm sure if you weren't moving you would have taken him in. . . or at least thought about it.

But i SO know what you're dealing with. My grandmother has these ancient theories about animals and their place in society as well. It's infuriating!!! It's SO infuriating!!

well, thumbs up for being so concerned. there are loads of people who would have just let by gones be by gones.

just out of curiosity....
How many times has he been to the vet to check specifically for a UTI?

I can just imagine how exasperated you must be. I mean i've just been following what's happening on the computer and my blood pressure is goes through the roof evertime i think about the poor kitty kat.

Did you speak to Brandon about it? Does he have any thoughts on the whole thing? Maybe he can intervene.
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She is fed up with the spraying and thinks nothing will work and would rather put him to sleep that's y I keep trying to talk her out of it by telling her what we have figured out about it. Now all I gotta do is convince her to go to the vet.

If I wasnt moving I would definately take him in. Problem is I already mentioned me taking him when I moved and she said "no. I cant trust anyone to not hurt him" and here she is wanting to put him to sleep for spraying!! GRRR.

It does suck the way certain people feel twards cats in the world and society...I have 2 friends that say I care about my cats too much and that I wouldn't still be living here if it wasnt for my cats. (I wont leave untill I find GOOD homes for the ones that I cant keep). That makes me SO mad. They say that my life is more important then the lives of my cats and to take them to the pound instead of being miserable here. My cats are my responsibility and I'm not gonna let them be (mostlikely) murdered because I want to move into my own place. People really piss me off sometimes *laughs*. I guess I just cant see how ANYONE could NOT love cats!!

Thanks for the thumbs up. I saw Virgie's litter box and knowing how my grandmother feels about my cats, I had to see what Virgie felt about hers. It sucks the way she feels about him right now, but maybe somehow I can save him. *verrrrrry hopefull*

I think he's been checked twice. That's how the first one was found. The second test (to see if it was gone) came back as negative.

Oh yes I'm frustrated..I deal with this cat stuff from MY grandmother too. I hate this helpless feeling. I hope I dont act like them when I become elderly!!

Brandon cant really say much to her about it anymore than I can. We both try to talk to her and make her atleast wait a while to give me the time to figure something out. I just wonder why we get more stubborn with age!!!
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Thanks...but that does suck. Too bad it isnt possible...maybe there wouldnt be negative tests that way.
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