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How pregnant is my Cat??

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How far along is a cat in its pregnancy when you can feel the babies?? I asked this on a diff site and someone suggest I post here with a few pics.

She is a farm cat, and we have no other unfixed cats around, which is why we hadnt gotten around to taking her in yet. I noticed a few weeks ago that she was getting quite a bit heavier, but figured she was getting into food somewhere or ???

I scooped her up yesterday when I noticed her in the yard and she is definately pregnant, I brought her into the house, where she will be until after the birth and the babies are weaned (so she can be fixed before she goes back out).

You can definately feel the babies moving around. just wondering about how long someone might think she has left? if there is any way of really knowing? do cats boobs get milk before or after birth??

Sorry never done this before, and actually feel pretty bad about procratinating about it. So please dont rip into me too bad, I am all about spaying and neturing to prevent this stuff

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If you upload the pictures on photobucket and then copy and paste the IMG code into the body of your message it will show up when you post.
Usually if you can feel and see them move you have about 2 weeks to go, give or take a week.
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Thx a Bunch... Here are the pics of her, Any help would really be appreciated.
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She is a very pretty girl! As unfortunate as unplanned kittens are, sometimes it just happens, and no one should rip in to you about it. It sounds like you are trying to do the right thing for her, and that is what counts the most. Please keep us updated on her and her babies. If any of them look like mommy, they should be just adorable.
Are you planning to try and keep any of the little ones?
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Oh myyy, she is big, look at the size of her paws It is so hard to tell with all that hair. It looks like she has lost hair around her nipples so I would think a couple weeks at the most.
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Umm, she does have a ton of hair, but she is definately a lot bigger in the middle... lol

Thank you, she is very pretty, she was a stray (actually both of our cats are) from a trailer park we used to manage. we moved to a farm and took a few of the strays with us. they both are wonderful cats now. she is some type of manx. I have 3 kids, and my youngest has never experienced the thrill of a puppy or kitten or baby anything since she has been born, so if she has her way we would keep them all... lol But possibly one. We already have 7 animals, so we will see ...

I will keep an update going, im just very anxious as I have never dealt with this before, and she has to be kept in a room, and not able to roam the house. We have flighted parrots, and with her being an outdoor farm cat - not a good combo, if ya catch my

Does a cat break water? do they get get mucus or ?? I am soo dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff. Are their any signs to show it will only be a day or two or even a few hours before? I just dont want her to be alone in the house, in case she doesnt know what to do, or needs help.
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This AM i checked her out and it seems her 2 lowest nipples are getting bigger around the nipple, maybe milk(i dont know if they get milk before) looks puffy or swollen.
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Some cats do get milk before, my cat didn't. I don't think you have long now! My cat did have a bag of water that came before the kittens, it was just slightly bloody water. Every cat acts differently before they go into labor. If her personality changes one way or the other it is probably almost time. Some get energetic, some get really lazy, some get really loving and others more aloof. If she starts digging around in corners and boxes she is looking for a nest. It is so hard to pinpoint one thing that tells you time is near. It usually happens when you least expect it. Never fails that you make a run to the store and come back to find babies
Some cats just need their privacy!
Good luck and keep us posted.
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See my post! I will race ya! lol!
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ok ive done a little digging - My angel has had 2 litters before... she is approx 3 yrs old, first litter was 6 healthy kitties, 2nd was 8 babies, 3 were lost due to her not having enough milk to feed them all...

does this have any bearing on how many she would have in later litters, or should I go to the vet to get anything to feed if she cannot handle the load? how long can a baby survive if mom is not feeding? I guess im asking, if I should get something now, or wait until they r born and see what i have to work with?

Also, she delivered all babies fine by herself previously with no help. so, should I be as concerned about being here to watch her constantly?
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