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Water - What water do you give your kitties, and why?

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Inspired by Sharky's post about food, I have been growing more and more curious about their drinking water...
So... what do you give your kitties, and why? Bottled, filtered, tap, distilled?
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Tap water

If its good enough for me to drink, its good enough for my kitties.

Bottled water, I just don't agree with....all the millions of plastic bottles that take forever to recycle. But that's a different topic.

I have a reusable rubbermaid bottle.

My water is tap water with a brita.
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Filtered and tap ... tap here is decent I read the reports yrly
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Tap water. Our water authority has updated all their pipes and the quality of it's filtration that i can't tell a difference
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I have a PUR 3-stage filter on my faucet and that is what I use for my pets water (and my drinking water.)
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Tap water--our city water has been rated some of the best in the country!

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Tap water. I drink it, so they drink it. I wouldn't be able to afford giving them only bottled water if I tried lol

If your water quality is good, I don't see the problem
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I live in a very hard water area and I have two cats with urinary blockage problems. So I give them all bottled water, the lowest calcium content I could find, which happens to be from the mountains of the Auvergne. I use tap water for myself most of the time!
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Tap water -- our water quality is fine and it's what we drink -- but I allow it to outgas before I put it down for the cats. They like it better.
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I have a PUR filter on my tap, so that's what we all drink. Although, I will admit, I got it for the cats. I think we have excellent water, even without the filter.
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Mine all drink cold bottled water. Its the only kind of water I will drink and the same for my animals.
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Tap here too. They have a regular water bowl and a Drinkwell Platinum(just bought on Amazon for $41 free shipping)
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We switch between low calcium bottled and distilled water on the advice of our vet. Three of our boys have had repeated blockage problems.

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I give my cats bottled. The tap water here tastes bad and if I don't like it, why should my cats?
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We're on town water here, they dring tap water that has gone through our reverse osmosis unit, just like we do.

One comment on bottled water, depending where you are, there may not be a lot of standards for it. I know that here, there is nothing to say it could not be any different than tap water unless the label specifically indicates it. It may be different where you are but it might be worth checking into.
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Most of the year they and I drink tap water, in the summer the water here gets an awful taste and we only use it for bathing or boiled, then it's bottled for a month or so. They had a Petmate fountain but the two youngest figured out how to dissasemble it and had a good time playing with the charcoal from the filter, now they have a bowl with a 3 qt. jug attached. I mix their Lysine powder in the bowl portion each morning, so far they haven't been able to knock it over.
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Tap water here. I have a whole house filtration system and the plumbing between that system and my kitchen is brand new. My tap water tastes better than most bottled waters (which IMO, has a plastic taste).
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Mine get bottled water, which is also what I drink. I don't use the filters in their fountains so prefer to put filtered/bottle water into the fountains.
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Mine get tap water. The township sends a water quality report and so far our tap water is good.
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I put bottled water in the drinkwell. The tap water here is really hard, and gets build up on the fountain. I'm not sure what type of bottled water I should use, distilled, drinking, or spring. Ohki has had crystals before and the fountain helps a lot with her drinking habits.
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Tap water. I used to give them bottled, but one time I ran out and used the tap water and they seemed to like it much better.

Plus we have 3 large water bowls out in various parts of the house. They get fresh water in these bowls twice a day - so it's become too expensive to give them bottled water now. Thankfully they like it out of the tap. I drink it myself - it doesn't taste too bad most of the time.
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I started giving them bottled water (and drinking it myself) when we had a scare where we had to boil our water before we could use it because of contamination. It turned out to be just a couple isolated houses that had the problem, but I've kept using the bottled. I want to get one of those filters you attach to the tap, but I haven't done it yet. I don't like the taste of the tap water, so I don't want to give it to the kitties either.
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tap. i drink tap, so do they. i do [occasionally] add lysine to the drinkwell [Pixel's favorite fountain] but haven't recently - mainly because she's doing ok w/o it right now. her kibble has lysine, so i think that's why she's been ok w/o it in her water.
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