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Keller is spraying :(

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Someone abandoned a pretty calico that I have been feeding. Because feeding her outside results in all the neighborhood cats coming around, I have been letting her in the house to eat and then putting her back outside. She and Keller hate each other and now Keller has been backing up to stuff and spraying or urinating? It's awful! Will it stop?
I feel really bad for this poor cat, she is sooo skinny but so friendly. Here is her picture, I put a collar on her with Keller's name but it had our phone number on it.

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Why just adopt the beauty? Keller is upset due to this stranger coming in his territory and being fed. Once she is yours, you can introduce her properly to Keller and everybody will be happy.
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Is Keller neutered? And if you don't want lots of kittens around, she ought to be spayed.

I don't know where you live, but can supply links to find low-cost spay/neuter services. Really, it's best not to feed cats unless you have a plan to spay/neuter them. Feeding them can make them just healthy enough to reproduce and simply perpetuates the problem.

Since there seems to be a lot of cats, would you also like links to search to see if there are any TNR (trap-neuter-release) groups that can help with all of them?

Otherwise.... I'd suggest adopting the beautiful little Calico and introducing them properly, or just stop feeding them and don't get involved at all.

For tips on cleaning, you MUST use an enzyme cleaner. It is the only thing that will remove the smell of pee to Keller and will help stop the problem even after you stop bringing the little girl inside (or adopt her. ). I'd also suggest getting a small hand held black light to go through the house to make sure you've found all the areas he's sprayed. (It turns up as an orange splotch in the black light).

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Keller is spayed and we do have a local program that will come and spay the calico and release her. I would like to adopt her but I also have the 2 bottle babies that I think we are going to keep. Once she is fixed I think I can find her a home. I just can't not feed her, poor thing.
I have been cleaning with Natures Miracle. This morning Keller peed all over the babies toys. I watched her do it and hollered but of course she is deaf and didn't mind at all I guess I just need to feed the other cat outside until I make a decision on what to do with her
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As a precaution - I'd UTI test Keller. One of mine sprays when she has a UTI, but it always seems like it's a behavioral thing. I test her regardless & she seems to always test + for a UTI.
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