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Problems Bringing a New Cat Home

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My grandmother recently died, and I have always promised her that I would take care of her cat, Toki. Toki is a male, about four years old, and was rescued from the pound when he was around one. He's always been kind of timid, but very nice. Because he was so timid at times, my grandmother thought he may have been abused. I don't know if that is a sign or not.

Now I have another cat, Mildred, already at home. Mildred is a 12 year old female. When I brought Toki home this morning, Mildred ran up to him and started growling. Eventually, she attacked him. Toki really wasn't fighting back, just hissing and staying back. Like I said, he is very timid. During the ordeal, Toki had an accident, so I had to give him a bath. While giving him a bath, he growled violently at me and kept biting me. He is not a mean cat, but just very afraid.

After the bath, he has been hiding in the bathroom for going on four hours now. When anyone walks in the bathroom, he immediately starts growling and hissing.

Does anyone know what I can do to comfort him; to get him out of this scared state he's in? Also, what can I do to make the cats “friends� Is there anything? Could Mildred be antisocial and always be mean to him?

Thanks for any replies!

Will Bennett
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You can start here with this thread and article. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67321

Just remember patience, patience, patience. Don't assume anything just yet! I think it is too soon to tell what is going to happen. Do the proper intros as you will read in the link I gave you and see what happens when you go from there.

I think it is AWESOME and really LOVING for you to take your grandmothers cat. Can't be easy for the poor thing having just lost his person.

I have a family member that says she will take mine if something should happen to me. You just never know if people will honor what they say. You give me hope.
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Believe it or not, your grandmother's cat, does realize your grandma is gone and it will take time for that to heal. Also introducing cats is not like introducing dogs, you can't just toss them in a room and they'll get along. Follow the intro page that was linked already. I'm working on introducing a kitten to two adult cats and its interesting, a slow process, but worth the time and effort.

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Another possibility is that your grandmother's cat, having been alone and timid would do best as an only cat. While you have him separated from your girl, you might inquire about a potential placement. Perhaps the vet knows of someone who would welcome a new cat (often they know someone who has recently lost a pet).

Your cat may never accept another cat because she has been alone for so long. I know I had a 'singleton' for 18 years, and she would not tolerate a 'companion.'

I mention this because when I was searching for my current boy, I noticed that many shelters had cats listed that had to be only pets.
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I don't think that to start with it was your Grandmothers cat, it sounds like your current cat was being a bit territorial when you introduced the new cat. Make sure you spend alone time with your grandmothers cat. The cat may have also never had a bath before either. It may take a while for the newbie to "forgive" you for that. All the best on integrating the cats.
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I'm so sorry about your grandmother.

...but what a lovely thing for you to do. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure the poor baby is scared and unhappy. He also associates you now with torture - you let him loose in another cat's territory, she attacked him, he got scared, and then you BATHED him on top of the humliation!

He will come around. Mildred may come to accept him. It is FAR too early to tell.

Do you have a guest bedroom, a computer room, a laundry room - any room that's a little larger than the bathroom that can be - for a few weeks or more - "his" room? Even a large bathroom will work. Just so long as there's room for at least one litter box, food, water, and a bed, with enough space that there's room to hang out and food and water aren't next to the litter box.

Cats are all about territory. They definitely bond with people, but this poor baby has just lost his meowmy and his home. He needs time, so patience is really the main ingredient to helping him.

I would definitely invest in Feliway. It will help both of them calm. Feliway is a synthetic hormone that mimics the "friendly" markers in cats' cheeks, and it will help promote a sense of calm. Just don't spray it near litter boxes or near scratching posts.

Make sure Mildred knows she's still your #1 kitty, but spend as much time as you can in the same room with Toki - but ignoring him. Read out loud, sing, sew, fold laundry, work on a laptop, do whatever you can in there. Just let him watch and get used to the new sounds, the new smells, his new people, &etc. Let him hide, and just give him time to adjust.

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