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Do you have siblings?

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Do you have any brothers and/or sisters? If so, how many and do you get along with them?

Or are you an only? Did you like being an only child? What are the pros and cons?

I have a sister I am very close to; she pretty much raised me so she's like a mom to me much more than my actual mother is. My other two siblings and I don't talk much; our mother has poisoned us against each other all our lives. But one of the two is waking up and we are starting to become close now for the first time, so I am feeling hope there.

Our child is an only and I'm curious about others' situations...
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I have one brother who is 23 months older than me, although we were only one year apart at school. We are very different and have never been particularly close. I'm an easy-going person, I take things in my stride, am pretty chilled, and never caused problems. My brother felt as though he was cheated in life because he didn't have a father figure - our dad died when we were little. He was rebellious, he drank and smoked through high school, he stayed out who knows where with his friends until late, he would get so angry at my mum and me for no reason (expect that he was probably stoned), he caused trouble constantly.

After high school though, he found a job he liked and calmed down significantly. I went travelling overseas and we became closer - I would call home and spend longer talking to my brother than I did my mum. He was in a big motorcycle accident while I was away and almost died. He should have died, and doctors were flabbergasted when he lived and was able to walk again. I was never told about any of this though, except he was in a bad way and I shouldn't cut my trip short. I still feel guilty about not being there for him and my mum...

Anyway, so he suffered some brain damage in the accident, and his short term memory is pretty bad. As a result, he's become someone who is hard to get close to. We're still very different people, and we have nothing whatsoever in common.

I wish I had a sibling I was good friends with but we get along fine, and I adore my nephews, so I guess that's what's important. My brother did his will and asked my husband and myself if we would take custody of the kids should anything happen to my brother and his wife, so that was very touching, and something we would gladly do.
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I have one sister, Susie. She's 16 years old, 4 years younger than me. She has cerebral palsy. She also has a very BAD case of a behavioral disorder called Explosive Disorder (yes, it's actually called that). And it is exactly as it sounds. The part of her brain that reasons is damaged, so you can see how difficult it has been with her. Growing up with her has definitely messed me up a bit. She can get extremely mean and violent. Like for instance, when I was in like early middle school when I would have friends come over and she would run to the door naked except for a diaper. Extremely embarassing. And I wouldn't be able to have alone time with any friends at my house, because she would bang my door for hours begging to be with us. This led to me not having many friends, and lots of people picking on me. It was just a way of growing up that I would not wish on anyone. Now she lives at a residential school and we see her most weekends. But even now she can still be very mean to me. And now she's learned to say hurtful things as well (like swearing and stuff). Basically I always dread my time with her, as sad as it sounds. Most people see me as the bad one, because they see her as handicapped and disabled, and I'm mean to her. When in all reality, I don't think I am. If she hurts me over and over and over, I'm going to hurt back eventually. There's only so much a person can take . It sucks when people don't see the entire story and immediately label me as a mean sibling.

So, if I had the choice, I would have wanted to be an only child. But she's not all bad, she does have her rare lovey dovey moments.

I don't like my sister, period.
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I have 1 sister, 4 years older and 2 brothers, one is 18 months older and one is 6 years older, We are all close. I talk to my sis at least 4 times a day.
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I have an older sister and a younger brother We all get along very well...thank goodness
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4 older half sisters that I don't have contact with. Too long of a story.

3 older sisters that I do have contact with. I am close to them all. Two of them are my best friends.

3 older step brothers that I have no contact with. They were off and enjoying their own lives when my parents got married so we never "connected".
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Here you go:

(saves me typing out my response again )
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I ave an older sister. We are almost 10 years apart (I am 22 she will be 32 this Aug.). We are VERY close. I love my sister. People think because of are age difference we would not be as close as we are. She gives me guidance in life and I am not sure how I would have gotten through some things if I didn't have her. It is also nice to have someone who understands the issues I have with my parents I know I can always call my sister and vent to her about Mom or Dad and she will understand completely, but at the end of the day she still loves them. I don't know if that makes any sense

However, my sister moved out when I was 8 so kinda I grew up as an only child. (She moved out of state). I think that I would have had a much happier child hood if my sister was in my life more.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Here you go:

(saves me typing out my response again )
Oops, didn't see that... Thanks for the link I will read those, too.
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Me - one siser
Hubby - total of 9 siblings (step brothers, 1/2 brothers and the rest bio brothers/sisters). Only one brother is deceased.

My sister lives in another state so we talk every few months. Hubby's bro/sis are almost all in MN, but he doesn't have contact with one of them - we see each other more on holidays and a few that are near are seen more often. His one brother (that died) lived with us - that's his closest brother he's had out of the group.
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I have an older brother, Roberto, and a twin sister, Djamilia.... I LOVE them very very much, and we are very close. I could never imagine having better siblings... I am very lucky to be a twin also - I was never lonely .
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I have one brother, eight years older than me. We get along OK, but aren't terribly close now that our parents are both gone. One of us Skypes the other every few months. In many ways, we are both "only" children.
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I have an older brother and an older sister.

I am 21. My sister is 43 and my brother is 42.

My mom had me when she was 46.

My brother and sister were raised together [obviously]. I am close to my sister now, but wasn't when I was younger. We share a lot of the same personality traits, even the way we talk and act. We both also love animals. We work together in the same veterinary clinic. We get along well although we are so similar we have butted heads before and you can't win an argument with my sister haha.

My brother is estranged from the family. He lives nearby with his girlfriend in her parents backyard in a travel trailer/tent combo. He hasn't moved on from the past, I think he's into drugs and alcohol. He's a cool guy, but he has some severe mental issues, maybe he's bipolar or manic depressive. He never calls my mom on holidays, didn't visit her when she had her triple bypass surgery, yet he showed up to an aunts birthday party. He's just... weird.
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no.. I am an only is my mother..however, my father remarried and when he did..his wife already had 7 kids...and my stepfather has 1 son...
so...that makes 8 step siblings...
of which at this moment in time..I talk to ...none.
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I have 1 older sister and 4 younger brothers.

I am an only child with my biological dad and mom.

My mom remarried when I was 3 to the man I consider my dad. He had 2 children from a previous marriage - a girl 1.5 years older than me, and a boy 1 month younger than me. I consider them my brother and sister as though we had the same blood running through us. My mom and dad then had my brother that is 6 years younger than me. I think we have a typical sibling relationship between us. I get along well with my sister and we do hang out together but we're polar opposites so we're not best friends by any means. The brother that is my age we go in phases, friends sometimes, wanting to kill one another or not speaking at all other times. The younger brother is the younger brother. He's an immature PITA and more interested in his friends than his family still at his age.

My biological dad remarried and has 2 boys. They are 10 years and 14 years younger than me. I love these boys but I rarely hear from them and see them even less as I don't have a relationship with my bio-dad so I can't say I know them very well.

As much as I love my brothers and sister, I only want one child. I think it's different today than it was for previous generations. Kids are more involved in activities outside the home, so they still have peer relationships and get more socialization with other children outside of the home than I ever did.
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I have 2 older sisters and a twin brother and we are all very very close. LOL there isn't a party or holiday that we don't get together. When we have parties we always invite each other and our spouses and we still do things as a family.
Like we take a yearly trip to Hershey.
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I'm the oldest of four. Next after me is my sister, then my two brothers. I get along with all of them, and my sister is my best friend. As I kid I was closest to the older of my two brothers, but since he's moved to St. Louis I don't get to see or talk to him very often.
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I have an older brother and an older sister. They are a year apart in age and are 9 and 8 years older than me. I shared a room with my sister until I was about 16-18 and we got along pretty well most of the time. I think the fact that we were so far apart in age helped us get along well. She even took me on a trip to California when I was a teenager to visit friends of hers.
When I was a kid my brother teased me a lot and was kinda mean, he would say that he didn't like kids but then he would let my cousin (who stayed with us in the summers) who was the same age as me hang out with him. As I got older he was nicer to me and started to hang out with me and things and now we get along great, he often invites me downtown (where he works) for lunch or dinner and invites me places such as to baseball games or to stay with his best friend in Michigan where he used to go every year for the 4th of July. A few years ago he invited me to go with him to Texas after his best friend moved there, including buying my plane ticket (using his travel miles.) So we definitely get along much better now!
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I have one brother who is 11 years older then I am and two sisters, one 10 years older and one 8 years older.

My mom and dad always said yes I was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasent one.
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I´m the 2 of 4 brothers...
Yep! only male here not females......
Mom never told us if she´s dissapoint of us, (I mean she wanted a girl in a family) but she hates the figths beetween us......
And yes I get along with my brothers, all live in same city,....
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I have two older siblings, my brother is 3 years older and my sister is 7 years older. I am very close to my sister (she is married with two kids) and sort of close to my brother. He has struggled a lot with drugs although he has gotten himself back on the right track and is going to college. He is just generally a quiet person who isn't open about his feelings. I see him at least twice a week though, same with my sister.

My husband has two older brothers who are both married and one has a child. They both live about 2 hours away but we usually see each other every other month.

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I am the oldest and love my siblings We may fight and go thru times every now and again, but we are family and love each other.
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I am the oldest of three. I am 26, my brother is 24, and my sister is 14. My brother and I grew up together, but even as children we were never very close. I loved books and fairy tales and playing pretend and he loved playing sports and games outside with other boys. One of the only things we did together was play board games and things like Legos and Lincoln Logs. We grew further apart as we grew older because of trauma in the family and our different personalities and interests. We were never really cruel to each other just... distant.

My sister was born just before my 12th birthday, and in a way I was like a second mom to her because of the time I spend feeding her and changing her and bathing her and rocking her to sleep, etc. But, I moved out of the house when she was only about 7 years old, so we lost some of that bond. We are getting it back now. I have a lot in common with my baby sister. I am happy to be here for her and to help her in ways that she is embarrassed to ask my mom for help.

My brother and I have been growing closer over the last year, exchanging phone calls and e-mails and finding that although we are very different personalities in our reactions to problems and our approaches to life, we actually DO have a lot more in common than we thought. Our shared childhood is only one of those things. We like similar films and we are both tech heads. We are starting to become friends again. My brother is a very good person and I am happy to be related to him.
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I am an only child. My parents were 43 and 52 when I was born. I was unexpected.

I hated being an only child. My father died when I was 17. He was nearly 70. My mother lived to be 85. I had no close family. My mother's only sister lived out of state. She had two grown children when I was born. My father had no family.
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2 half sisters and a step sister

half sisters were 13.5 and 15.5 yrs older than I and lived with their mom... some relationship when I was little but not much

Step sister 7 yrs older could have had a relationship but bad timing...

Two "baby" sisters no blood relation but their dad is my "papa " and raised me .. they are 12.5 and 15.5 yrs younger ... some relationship but distance is a problem

Raised by mom as an only
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I'm the only one ...That I know of. I was raised by my mom and never met my dad.
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