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another question about revolution application..

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So I never seem to get this right. Jake always moves and some of it gets on my hand, and today it got on his fur and the fur is kind of hard to the touch where I applied it. Is it normal for the fur to be like that? I forgot if this happened the other times when I applied it. I'm also worried if he is still protected because there are so many mosquitos around here, and now that he goes outside for brief period of time under supervision, I'm even more paranoid. Can someone let me know if it's okay or what can I do because I don't think it's safe to apply another dose...
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well, I'd call my vet just to be sure, but the same thing happened to me with Dharma. Revolution has a little alcohol in it, as I understand it, which is the stiff feeling (like in human hair product), but that went away. But check with the vet re protection, etc. Reminds me, my next dosage is July 1 - wish me luck!
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You should be fine... There is no way to not get some (in our hairy boys and girls, quite a bit, actually) in the fur. I am pretty sure they consider that when dosing it. Yes, the fur gets sticky, but it goes away after a day or so...
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I've had the same experience with the "stiff" hair, but, as others have posted, it's gone within 24 hours, so I think to think it all gets absorbed.
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Okay the stiff hair disappeared by the end of the day. I will try to apply it much faster next time, before JAke has a chance to move...
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Since you're in a warm climate, are you going to do Revolution all year? My vet recommended, since I'm in the cold north and have indoor kitties, that six months (spring through frost) should do.
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I am not sure but I know that I haven't seen any mosquitos in the winter. It doesn't stay all that warm in Hotlanta during the winter lol..It gets down to the 30s sometimes lower. But I will be letting him have a run outside occasionally even in the winter so I might as well keep him on revolution to prevent other bugs like fleas and ticks.
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