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Daily Thread: Monday June 29

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Seems like Gail is not around this morning, so I will do her honors and post the daily thread.

Today is supposed to rain this afternoon, but it is so nice out now. About
18C right now.

I have a dr appt in 2hrs and then physio later on.

That's about it here

Have a great day folks
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Not muxh going on here, just work. Lookslike we're in for thunderstorms later.
Have a good one, everybody!
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Instead of posting early I took a walk at 6:30!!

Also been watering one of my flower beds since 6 am. Will shut off sprinkler in about another hour before I go to work.

Its cool (67F) and breezy today with a chance of showers. This weather pattern will hang around for a few days too.

So not too much planned-going to work and then home, make dinner and water some more and weed in flower beds.

Bender is being bratty as usual he likes to crawl along the bottom of the sofa and hooked by calf in the process! He keeps that up he isn't going to get any birthday presents.

Have a good one.....
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Morning All!!!

Overcast and looks like me rain here today.

Not a whole lot planned, my shoulders are quite sore from the damp weather so I guess I will just take it easy.

The kitties are all window watching right now, it's their favorite day of the week, garbage day, so there are lots of activities going on around the neightborhood for them to watch.

Everyone have a great day
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We're supposed to have really nice weather today and most of the week. Highs in the mid-80's and mostly sunny. There was actually a touch of a chill in the air this morning when I left for work.

As for work, I'll be here taking care of various items until about 1:30 today. After that, I'll head to the gym for a workout and then I'll go home to get ready for my class. I have to finish up a big homework assignment after class tonight, but if I get it done I'll spend a little time playing my guitar. I picked it up for the first time in a couple of years over the weekend, so I'm having fun with it ATM.
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Its going to be hot today!!! I am going to the barn in a few to ride the ponies, hopefully wont be out there too long! Then I have to go to work and get my work schedule, hopefully I am not working the 4th of July!! I hope everyone has a great day!
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