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Feral kitten lost at my work!

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I work at a pet store and today as we were closing, we found a box with our garbage. A really tiny mom and two approx. 6 week old kittens were in it. They had no water in a sealed box outside in 100 degree weatherSometimes I HATE people!
Anyway, I immediatly brought them inside and set up a small crate with food and water. The momma was pretty docile and I got her and one of the kittens out with no real problems. The second kitten was a spitfire, it bit me and took off running. I spent 3 hours looking everyware for him. I checked in all the nooks and crannies, under shelves, behind bird cages and even behind the fridge. I let my friend borrow my trap but she is out of town for a few days, and the shelter is closed untill tuesday. Any suggestions?
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I think and hope it will get back to mom and sibling during the night, as soon as it is quitet there...

I hope and believe it will end well.

Good luck!

But if they were dumped, they can hardly be feral?? If someone was tired on fostering, he would probably just release them back.

So probably a bad owner, who being a bad not caring owner didnt socialized them well. And being frightened etc, was more then enough to give battle.

Tx for helping them!

btw - is it possible you contact the police?

You have the evidence with fingerprints - the box they were sealed into...
Please do. The villain should be traced and punished.
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is there any other place you can get a trap? obviously, the sooner you catch him the better. he's so young, you might be able to build a simple drop trap then lie in wait for him to show up.

he should be old enough to eat solid food so you can put that out overnight until you can trap him. those little kittens are excellent at making themselves scarce, they always find places to hide.

you may have to withhold food for a little while to work up his appetite to get him to emerge. kittens are always hungry and a day without might make him rethink his view of humans (tho who could blame him).

good luck, i hope you can snare him!
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I got him! I put out a trap last night, but he didn't go in it. Today I was over by the customer service counter and heard a single meow. He/she had somehow wiggled into a little tiny gap and had gotten under some shelves so we had to move all the merchandise, and all the shelving to get to him! But now he is at my house in a huge wire crate with his momma and sibling.
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You're a cat (and kitten) hero!!!!
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So he was probably not at all hiding, he was was probably stuck in there!
His second life went there.... Luck the cats have at least 9 lives...

Tx and Good luck!
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ha, he surrendered!
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Originally Posted by Brokenheart View Post
You're a cat (and kitten) hero!!!!

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