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Cats Suddently Mad at Each Other

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Any help you can send my way would be more than appreciated! I inhereted three cats about a year and a half ago. They are all the same age (2 from the same litter) and have been raised together their whole lives.

Recently, we had an episode where a stray cat came by the window, and my three kitties went bonkers! They were agressively fighting with each other, and as a new "mommy" I thought breaking it up was a good idea (the puncture wounds on my wrist showed me other wise). None of the three were hurt, and subsequently cleared at the vet's office.

For a while they were fine, but now they are being very aggressive with each other. When the sun goes down and it's dinner time (8-9pm) they start hissing and growling at each other.

I can't sleep at night, wondering if they will start attacking each other again.

Any thoughts? I certainly dont' want them hurting anyone (humans or kitties), and I don't want them to loose their happy home.

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Get a Feliway plug in or the spray. The kitties are reacting to the stray outside. I would try to trap and re-home the stray to remove it from your yard.
The plug in will help calm your kitties and return peace to the home!
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Thank you so much for the help! Looks like I'm going shopping tonight! I'll let you know if it works!

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Also do you feed the strays outside? If you do, you might rethink where you put the food and put it away from your house in a secure place where the other cats can't see their friends outside.
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I certainly don't! I've tried everything to coax him away from my windows, with no avail. Even tried Liquid Fence, but that doesn't do much good.
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Ahh then I have a solution for you-

Go to your local beauty salon with a big ziplock bag and ask for human hair clippings. Be prepared for the looks you get! LOL Have them fill it up, seal it and bring it home and sprinkle the hair in front of the window (outside) It only takes a little bit- stick the rest in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. *G*

The ferals (unless they are owned by someone) will beat feet away from the window.

It is also possible that their appearance stressed out your cats enough to make one of them sick- that can happen fairly easily. If one cat is beating up the other one, it might be a good idea for a vet check for the one being beat upon.
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Hmm...interesting. I'll get some hair and try it! It's better to have the one being beat up checked out than the agressor? (I told you I was new at this).
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Generally it's the one who is getting beat up who may have the health issue. The reason is that when they get sick they smell different, and since cats recognize each other by smell it seems to the aggressor that there is a new intruder in his house. That's why he may be aggresive, trying to ward off this new intruder.
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