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Summer vacation?

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Anyone going on vacation this summer? Where are you going?

Our vacation isn't until the end of August and we wish it were tomorrow, so I 'd like to live vicariously through you.
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Not really taking a long vacation, more like long weekends. We'll be visting FH's aunt and cousins in Vermont, maybe his sister and nieces and nephew in CT, and I'm taking a 4 day vaca to my friend's in Vermont. We got a pay cut at work, and they gave us 7 extra personal days to make up for it, so most of my vaca time will be from them. I'm also trying to bank most of my vaca hours for the wedding & honeymoon next year!
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I really haven't got a vacation planned but will be visiting relatives around Ontario a few times this upcoming summer.
This will be the first summer in ages when I won't be working all the time. With my old job even if I was off for a day I was always on call and more often then not ended up having to go into work for something.
This year since I am only working part-time (3 days a week) and I can choose which days to work that will give me plenty of time for some long weekends and overnight trips. I am quite looking forward to it.
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I work two more days and then have the month of July off. YESSSS. We are doing our usual thing -- watching the grass grow. Not travellers, we really just like to have time on our hands on our own turf. If the spirit moves we may take off for three or four days driving somewhere, but if it doesn't neither will we. There's plenty to do around here if we feel like doing "something". Mostly I just want a piece of time with nobody's agenda in it but my own.
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I have another week off in 3 weeks. No plans really, but i'm looking forward to it, more so October when we go for a weekend to London for the theatre
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Va-ca-tion? What is this va-ca-tion thing you speak of?

Um, no, no vacation plans this year, or in any real way in recent memory. In the past I've gone out to Ohio in August for the National Matches, but I went there as the Team Coordinator so it was still "work" even if it was fun. The only other trips we've made were to Illinois for funerals, and those were definitely not vacations by any stretch.

Since Earl is out of work and I'm still trying to figure out what is going on with me, vacations are out of the picture for now. We are hoping to take a weekend getaway to Vail sometime this summer (they are having some big time deals to lure people from the area to come there), but we'll have to wait and see what happens.
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DH and I actually are getting a fair bit of travel in this summer....

We spent 2wks in FL visiting my mom, it was nice! However, we're lookingforward to going to the Poconose for th 4th of July!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Heartshaped whirlpool tub for 2 here I come! (I really need to buy a hottub, lol)
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No summer vacation to say, but I will be heading to Taipei on 31st of August and it will be summer there. Does it count? I can't wait!!

Has anyone been there??? I want to know if there is good shopping and if the prices are good??
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We all went for vacation in Elmira NY for Jenny's graduation at the end of May. We all say my Mom and my Aunt Lotty and then I stayed longer and visited some other relatives.

We are driving up to Lassen Volcanic National Park next week for 3 days. We have never been there, so it should be interesting.

Other than that, we will probably just take some short trips around CA since Ben is in school most of the summer and Jenny is working extra hours to save for grad school in the fall.
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No vacation for me - too expensive & I'd have to take "satan puppy" with me. No hotel's gonna want that dog there.
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We are going to St. Louis, and on the way we are stopping in Springfield(IL).
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I keep thinking about taking a trip to the coast, I hope I make it!
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I will go to some cat shows and maybe fairs.
We might do a show in So Calif posible.
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We aren't going anywhere! We were supposed to be moving but changed our plans, so suddenly my summer is free! Woo hoo!

We might take some day trips up island or for a weekend, but that's about it. We are having a big party in three weeks!

Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I keep thinking about taking a trip to the coast, I hope I make it!
If you make it to this coast, we have a spare bedroom and you are welcome to stay with us.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post

If you make it to this coast, we have a spare bedroom and you are welcome to stay with us.
Thank you Cat
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Me and my mom and dad are going to Florida for 2 weeks in August
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Well, I am supposed to go to Mexico, to visit my brother and family, who are living there for a year. Things are a "bit" complicated though, as I am unemployed... We will see... I hope I can go to see him - he is finally only a few hours away from me... I love my brother...
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No big trips planned for the summer. As we are only 1 hour away from Door County (the finger part of Wisconsin) we might travel that area for a day. But so many tourist (from IL) head that way it might be a mid week trip!.

Going to Chicago area 1st weekend of August for the Kane County Flea Market!

Probably some other spots in Wisconsin too.

Waiting till end of September/1st week of October to take a week off to visit my sister in VA.
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No money for vacation here

My last trip was last year when I went home for my mom's wedding. Actually, ALL my trips have been visits home for some family obligation or another. I don't think I have EVER had an actual vacation, just for fun.
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(SIGH) I wish we were going on a Summer vacation! But Summer is the busiest time of year for my sister at her work. We haven't had a Summer vacation in years! .
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Last year vacation - family reunion out of state
This years mini vacation - family wedding out of state
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