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Tricking cats

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My cats are picky and will only eat the pate style wet food. Our local Petco had a huge sale on some pouches of Nutro Max (slices in gravy). I just mash them up with a fork until they look like pate and they LOVE them. They were on sale for .33 and I just couldn't pass them up. I normally feed Wellness canned but I now have 2 kittens and a stray cat I am feeding. The stray is very friendly and VERY skinny so I am feeding her extra.
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Our family cat Midori only likes gravy style, but she only likes the gravy. We recently discovered she has tooth problems and probably can't chew too good (she's always been kibble challenged with the dry stuff). So we resorted to the mashing of the bits so she doesn't just lick the gravy off and leave the solid 'meat' bits to get stale.

She loves those nutro packs. Although I don't know what gravy style food my mom is feeding her now, as the nutro you have to go to Petsmart or Petco for and that's too much trouble.
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