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Bad cat mommy

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Yesterday, when I got home, Dan told me I had locked Faile in the closet! She must have went in when I was getting my clothes, and since she's black I didn't see her. Dan was on the phone when he saw a paw waving under the door. I can see where she scratched some of the carpet, poor thing. All this the day after the attack of the vacuum monster. Such trauma.
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Oh the shame!

Now you will need to get a cat therapist for the poor darling!!!!

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aww..poor Faile..I am sure she was happy to get out..That happened to Rocky a while back..I had closed him in the girls room all night not realizing he was in there sleeping too under their bed...,he was a good boy though and didn't make a mess anywhere..just went straight to the litter box as soon as I opened the door though...
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That's why we don't allow closed doors at my house.
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Oh, poor kittie, I know the feeling of feeling like a bad mommy after you lock one of the cats somewhere. Maddie always sneaks her way in somewhere where I won't see her and I'll close her in. After awhile she makes this "squeak, squeak" sound, after I let her out she shows me some love. (it's a good thing they don't associate you with locking them in!)
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Smudge used to go with us on our boat. We had a 28'Tollycraft in Alaska "The Storm Trooper" One weekend, we could not find her anywhere- we could hear her, and we searched high an low for her while anchored in that cove. We finally found her in the forward hatch with the lifejackets. I have no idea how she found her way there, but she did.
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Loki did that to himself - no human help needed. He managed to lock himself into the bathroom - at least he picked the one with the litter box. Boy was he frazled when I finally let him out that evening when I came home from work!
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