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Haha! That looks like what I see every day, only more cats. Amazing how they always act like they're being starved, huh?!
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That was such a funny video, Nial! OMG!

You normally have to show Persian kittens the plate so they know where their food is
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Oh gosh, that was great! and I really needed the laugh. Absolutely hilarious.

P.S. add me to the list of people who love the furniture!
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I was dieing laughing when you were talking to them through the door and you heard all the meows! That was too funny! I just love how cats act like they are "starving"

And I also love the furniture
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Get outta my waaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!!!!!!
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Thank-you all for the comments! I'm very happy you all enjoyed the video of my always-hungry kittens.
This morning for breakfast, I swear they were standing on top of each other coming through the door.

I know at least one of you asked if this happens all the time or just with these's like this with all of them. As they get older they simmer down and realize there is no need to charge the plate.
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So does that mean there still is hope for Jack not to "wolf" down his food and try to steal his brother's/sister's food all the time?????
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I had to watch it again!!!!! Busted out laughing more then the first time!!!!!! I love how they are crying behind the door when you ask them are they ready, they stampede even over the camera, and then you here them eating and purring!
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So funny! Attack!!!
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