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Two new babies = havoc

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Yesterday, I got two new kittens. They're twins, almost identical.

One's called Milo and the other is Chester.
Their markings are peachy ginger with dark stripes and spots with white socks, tummies and chests. Milo has a big white smudge on his nose and Chester just has a little stripe.

My, are they characters! Chester seemed to be very shy at first and just lay in the cat box most of the day yesterday, but last night, when I was trying to sleep, he livened up and preved himself to be just as excitable as his brother.

Milo is the adventurer. He was straight out of the box when we got home and explored the whole house. He likes to chase my feet, hands, elbows, knees, anything that moves, under the bed sheets when I'm sleeping.

The two of them are so cute together. They sleep long ways in the cat box with their paws around each other and if they start fighting in the box.... Well, that's a sight!

They're settling in so well (:
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Congratulations!!! Please please we must see pictures of your babies!
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Congratulations Two kittens are so much more fun than one
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Aren't kittens wonderful! Please post pictures when you can.
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Pictures please!
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