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we finally got Da Bird!

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Oh my!!! No wonder everyone swears by this toy and all the great pics people get. Our boys got up from laying around whining about it being hot to play with it. We finally had to stop when they started panting. They only got about 5 minutes with it, but man it was a hit!!
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My cats love it but my sphynx destroyed it in 10 minutes.
Your cats will love it.
Its still 87 outside here.
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My is playing with them all right now. It's hilarious! Sam can jump so high! Boots is a bit lazy about it and wants to sneak up on it and Frodo is doing flips to get it. It's going to be really fun. We just have to watch out for Pea Diddle the puppy, he wants to play with it too and he's the one that will kill it.
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They will have alot of fun with it.
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When I first got my German Shepherd she always tried to catch Da Bird if it came past her. I taught her to leave it alone because I was afraid she might accidentally grab or run into one of the cats also going for the toy.
My 4 younger cats (1 yr old littermates) will play with Da Bird and compete to catch it except for the chubby one Spot, who usually won't chase it if the other cats are around. My two slightly older (2 year old) cats Church and Roxy will usually NOT chase Da Bird toy if the younger ones are chasing it though, they don't want the competition but if it is just the two 2-year-olds out they will take turns chasing after it. Church jumps the highest, although one of the littermates Blaze is also a really high jumper.

Here is a video of Church leaping after a toy. This was before we got Da Bird and he jumps a LOT higher for Da Bird toy than in this video!
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It's great! Chynna absolutely loves it! Abby is fascinated by it, but not like Chynna. Abby would much rather cuddle with me and get brushed, or have me kick a mouse across the floor, run to it and sit beside it so I can go over there and do it again!
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I got mine, too! Kitty went crazy and started doing mad dashes everywhere. It was pretty fun. I think this is one of the best cat toys out there. They play with their other toys something, but this one is such a hit.
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Zane gets onto his hind legs and hops like a small kangaroo.
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We are in the middle of a heat wave so have to be careful how much they get to play with it. Right now just a few minutes and they are panting so we are being careful, but man do they love it.
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What was teh temp there today.
We were 110 here.
Cleo is hyper no matter how hot it is.
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Da Bird is really awesome!
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I'm not sure what it got to here heat wise, but it was over 105. Darn evaporative coolers are useless over 100....bleh!! Kitties only get about 5 minutes with the toy in this heat.
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