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urinary problems

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I have a 3 year old spayed female longhair that I brought in to the vet 3 days ago because she was a bit lethargic and had not been eating regularly for a week or so.

They diagnosed her with a urinary tract infection, kept her for a few days, gave her i/v saline and antibiotics and I took her home earlier today (sunday)

She was ok at first.. eating a lot and just doing cat stuff but now, 6 hours later she's jumping in and out of her cat box trying to pee and not having much success. Also trying to pee in other places in my flat as well with just a few drop coming out.

She seems to be a bit agitated and when I touch her near where her bladder is she seems a bit sensitive there too. It didn't feel like her bladder is full though.

Any advice since the vets is now closed and I'm not really sure what I should do?
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Call your vet's office to see if they have a recording for an emergency number to call. Most vet offices have an after hour phone number.

If your vet has no message for emergency after hour calls, look for an emergency vet to call.

She could have a blockage now.....only a vet can help.

I consider this an emergency if this were my cat.
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Yeah, I went to the emerg vet clinic not far from where I live. They said she wasn't blocked but was feeling discomfort from the infection and the urge to pee so they gave her some painkillers for the next few days and some liquid to flush out the bladder. We're both feeling better now.


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Great that you went to the E-Vet... Things can turn so fast on those situations... He will be more comfortable now .
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Well, she was better for a little while. I guess after the anti-inflammatory wore off she was still in some discomfort so she started peeing all over again... like 30 or more times an hour with just a little dribble each time.

I took her back to my regular vet and they took xrays with no visible problems/stones/etc and they gave me some oral anti-inflammatories and showed me how to hydrate her subcutaneously with saline bag and a needle (didn't realize we could do that at home so easily).

She's a bit better today but still not right. They suggested waiting 2 or 3 more days for the antibiotics to work (Clavamox).

This is draining and I feel so bad for my sick kitty. I've had to shut her in the bathroom where her litter is so she'd stop peeing everywhere else. Luckily that doesn't bother her very much at all cause she's pretty solitary anyway.
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She's looking and feeling better this am (tue). The constant peeing has stopped and there's no longer any visible blood in her urine. She's still not 100 percent but she's eating well and grooming herself
all over instead of just around her bum.
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I'm so happy things are looking better I know it takes a while for antibiotics to kick in, I have two boys Patch and Wheezer who are prone to UTI's.

More Prayers and for continued recovery.
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