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Which wild animal would you like to have?

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The discussion about the prairie dogs, made me wonder.

Forgetting all practical issues (like housing, safety, laws etc) which wild animal would you like to have?

I have always been in love with the Great Panda bear.
Whenever I see one on TV I go like: Oh, I want him I WANT him
Especially when there are cubs.

The Koala bear is my runner-up.
I remember that years ago an Australian Minister described Australia's national symbol as: "having lice and being mean."
I believe he was forced to make a public apology for that remark, but I could be wrong.
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LOL! My daughter used to think she wanted a koala, until she got to hold one on a trip to Australia. She must be allergic, because she broke out in hives afterward!

Me personally? I would want a big cat...preferably a tiger.
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Siberian Tiger

I saw some at the SF Zoo recently and I fell in love!!

In that picture they put them in cages while they're being fed.. (about an hour or so) and the visitors can watch them scarf down their food It was truly an experience to be 4 ft away from a hungry tiger!!
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I have always wanted a Tiger...a female Tiger that is...I wish you could teach them to be house pets...could you imagine the size of the litter box for them??
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I always had a thing for lemurs--they are SOOOOO cute!! He could ride on my shoulder and get me potato chips and stuff.. j/k

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To answer Rock&Fluff's mom, I would imagine you would have to get a big size kiddie pool and have it filled with litter for them to use.
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A crow or raven. I used to know someone who had a pet crow that he'd trained to talk. The bird had as big of a vocabulary as most parrots, and was as curious as a ferret, and as smart as a child. It had a fondness for peanut butter and would "beg" for it.
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Snow Leopard- We used to have a panther- my now ex-husband won him in a high stakes poker game. He didn't keep Ace very long though! Wild animals are called wild for a reason. Ace went to a zoo after about 2 months of us trying to live with him. What an experience that was!
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OMG MA, how was that experience?? I am not sure that would be good or bad....wow!
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MA I want to hear about living with a wild panther for 2 months!!! Tell us about it please!!!!
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Oh - for the question, Polar bears are my favorite wild animal, but I can't see having one in my house so for "pet-type" wild animals I'd say also a tiger. . .

though I get very frustrated that people think they can actually keep these types of animals in domestic situations and should be allowed to.
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Oh cripes- let's see- shredded couch cushions- shredded pillows, holes eaten in bedding, chairs tipped over, plates broken- doors cracked, door posts used as scratching beds. And we will not discuss the bathroom habits and problems! He ruined the interior of our show van- LOL

We lived out by Lake Elsinore, otherwise, we wouldn't of been able to have Ace. And being young and dumb never even considered what we were doing was illegal. Cute as they are when they are cubs, they grow quickly and their energy level is off the map! Fed whole raw chicken parts and big chunks of raw steak- it soon became clear we were out of our element.
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Wow sounds almost as destructive as Rugby! LOL Is Ace still at the zoo and do you visit?
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Do you have any pictures MA?! Where did he sleep? So he actually lived with you in your house?! I just cannot even begin to imagine the experience. . .

So he went to a zoo? Did they just let you drop him off no questions?

Sorry for all the questions - it's just very interesting!
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An otter, I read a book when I was little about a pet otter. He seemed to have so much personality, and they are so cute and funny.
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Originally posted by bren.1
An otter, I read a book when I was little about a pet otter. He seemed to have so much personality, and they are so cute and funny.
I think I read the same book. Or actually there were two. One was called Tarka: the Otter. That was made into a movie.
But there was another book as well.

Yes, otters are great. So are beavers.
I love to see them when they are floating on there back, with a stone on their belly to crush the food (shells and stuff).

Someone else mentioned polar bears.
They are so wonderful. It's hard to imagine they are one of the most dangerous mammals. Even more dangerous than a Grizzly.
Needles to say that when Grizzly Adams was on Dutch TV, I wanted a grizzly
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