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Bumps forming on kitten face after Vac about 1 1/2 ago

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Ok so it started with one stratch and one bump.
The stratch seems to be healing. But he keep adding bump to his face.
He had a vac reaction about 3 or 4 days ago.

Limping and not wanting to use his paws.

Now these bumps are forming. I can't see them as his fur is in the way but they are coming up every day it seem like a new one. All the other kittens are fine no problem nothing at first I thought mabye they where beating him up but they wuold not pop up so quick after that

There is the link to the thread about his vac.
The bumos have been coming sense this date. The earliest I can get him to the vet is tuesday I will be taking him if it gets any worse by then.
But I am wanting any advice that anyone can give me.

These are pictures the best ones I could get
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Take him back to the Vet ASAP. If you can't get him in to your Vet before Tues. I'd get him to another Vet or an Emergency service.

Bumps plus his history of Vaccs reaction doesn't sound good.
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Better at least call the emergency vet....when humans get bumps after a vaccine, it's an anaphylactic reaction, which, if the swelling spreads to the throat, can quickly become life-threatening.
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He is a cutie ! So sorry he is having trouble. I am not familiar with any of the vaccine reactions. Some of mine had fever, lethargy and vomiting.

Can you call the vet and let them know how he is doing? They may see him sooner. Is he breathing fine, no swelling, eating and going to the bathroom?

A thought would be to ask the vet about ringworm when he has his appointment. That sometimes starts out as bumps on the face or body then the hair over the bump comes off.

I hope he gets better soon. A call to the vet is the best advice. Good luck.
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No tuesday is the earliest he is not swelling. They are like the size of little ant bites he is completly normal he does not even mess with them.

He is just as happy as the rest of the kittens. I cant get him today have no way to get 45 minutes down the road. And tuesday is pushing it cause I will have to call into work late. Monday is the same thing no car or bus money.

Tuesday hubby is off. I will call into work late and take him in the morning.
No I cant find a rind to a ER vet if I thought he needed a ER vet I would have been there. I dont mean to come off rude if that sounds rude

He is eating drinking playing normally. Just like the other three. I dont think it is ring worm. Just because no one else has signs. At all. He is the only one displaying these systems thats why I think it has something to do with the Vac he recieved.

These are not like messel or a alergic reaction to the vac. There only on his nose but they are moving up his nose. He has a new one this morning which means by tuesday he will have two more. Unless I can get hubby to take tomorrow off it cant be until tuesday.

I have noticed him sneezing a bit does not have anything to do with it? No running nose or mest up eyes. He seem healthy other wise.

they seem to be black under his white fur. The very first one ha a huge scab on it now.
Could they be olsers?

I need to shave his face down so I can see them better. He was completly healthy up until this point. When he got that Vac. And the other three kittens are healthy I almost hope it is ring worm. Something easy to treat.
If you look at the picture in my sign he is fine that was only taken a week ago.
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You can see all the spots in this picture there are six total

one on his fore head

2 between his eyes one above his nse

one on his nose

one under the right eye

One under his left eye beside his nose

Shaved him down I think we have ring worm
Where do I start they have played in my rabbits cage my dogs kennel I have had them from birth. They played in my bed. If thats what it is he got it from the shelter. Will all the other kittens show sign soon. Cause if that what it is my hole gang has it.

He will still go to the vet monday or tuesday

Wanted to add in the third or second picture the big red spot on the top of his nose is the newest spot. They all had little scabs but when I shaved him they came off.
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He nwo also has a spot on his leg also.
He is going tomorrow hopefully.
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The ealiest I could get in was tomorrow at 9 a.m.
So I will update with what it is
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Ok so we went to the vet on tuesday and the vet said ring worm but did the test anyway. Nope not ringworm.
Just found out today but he seems to be getting better. With the wipes the vet gave me he said to do that until tuesday then bring him back in.

so I am still not sure what it is but he is getting treatment for it.
It bothers me that he is treating witout knowing but he is getting better.

The other three kittens from the same litter are still doing ok no sign of what ever this is.
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Thanks for the update.

Originally Posted by PBSJ_1988 View Post
he seems to be getting better
That is good news.

I would be the same way, happy there's an improovement but I also like to know what is happening.

He is a nicely marked little guy, I hope he continues to get better.
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Originally Posted by Claydust View Post
Thanks for the update.

That is good news.

I would be the same way, happy there's an improovement but I also like to know what is happening.

He is a nicely marked little guy, I hope he continues to get better.
I personally think its part of the vac reaction.
Or a allergic reaction to either BG or Tiki cat.

If it was something else I think the other three kitten would have been showing signs by now. There still seperated from him. But they where with him up until monday.
They are now in seperate room cause of what ever boss has.
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What BG?
He could be allergic to fish on Tiki - fish is a very common allergen.
What else is he eating?
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Well when the break out started he was on Before Grain by merrick. Which is BG. And tiki cat.

But he seemed to not like the BG much so I put him back on wellness kitten formulia. Which is about the same time he started to get better. I stoppped giving him tiki cat just because he would eat the can first and not his kitten food we where going to start giving it to him when he was about four months again.

I aksed the vet about a allergic reaction he said not likely. But he had no way to get ringworm so I was sure it was not that from the beginning.

Should I give him tiki cat to see if it triggers it again?
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We figured it out it was a auto amune responce.
The vet did a blood test and the shelter tec and I all think so.
which means his body is attatcking the vac so it was not a vac reaction in a sense.

But yes we have figured it out.
And he is almost back to normal
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