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Kitty numero dos

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So I haven't been on here in a while and have been crazily busy.

Anyways, my roommate is moving out and with him goes his cat Tazz, seen below:

As some may know, I took in abandoned cat in September, Enzo. Now, if you met me you would never think I would be a cat guy. Hell, I was never even a pet person to begin with, but enzo truly warmed my heart to cats. (Enzo seen below)

So I figured, once Tazz leaves, Enzo would need another buddy to keep him company. Alas, kitty numero 2 comes in the picture. I just picked this little furball this afternoon. He's an orange tabby. He's a bit less on the orange side though? I currently do not have a name, but likely it will be something car-related

Introductions have been good without any fighting. That being said, lots of growling and hissing! I'm used to it, as I have done three cat introductions now. All cats are males, and the newest is not neutered, hence the increase aggression from Enzo and Tazz.

Anyways, I give you the new guy:

Now we just need some females in this home!!!
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A "car related name?" How about "Ferdinand." That ought to be esoteric enough. Or go one step farther, to "Ransom." That ought to be a conversation starter!
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how about Mazda lol, zoom zoom zoom!

pretty kitties
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OMG! where is the cuteness warning?! He is just precious. He reminds of my Fred who was my buddy for 18 years before he passed.
Enzo sure grew up to be a handsome guy.
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There's Enzo! That fabulously handsome kitty. Tazz is a doll, too. As for the new kitty? A-dorable! He looks like a Bugatti to me.
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I love the pic of Enzo looking out the window. I get the feeling that he is daydreaming about catching the bird that is hoping around out there. Your cats are so pretty
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Awww. Enzo and his new buddy are very handsome! I would call him Ferrari.
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Sorry guys, but pictures are too big and I'm too lazy to edit them!

I do however have one more update picture that I re-sized.

One day later, they're best of friends:

I'm still not convinced this guy is an orange tabby. His stripes are too distinct.

Thanks for all the comments and name suggestions.

Edit: I can't edit my first post to take down the pictures...
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oh my goodness, isn't that precious isn't it the best when they get along right off the bat? Enzo sure did grow up to be a handsome boy!

I'd say your new guy a buff tabby as opposed to orange (or red) but he has stripes, so he's definitely a tabby
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Yes, he is buff, not orange. Sorry I forgot to mention that with my first post. It is a dilute of orange, like gray is a dilute of black! He is sweet.

Did you decide on a name yet?
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I can totally see why Enzo stole your heart! Then the last pic of Enzo and his new cream/orange tabby buddy who needs a name, ! It is always special when kitties needing a loving home find someone in need of a loving kitty!
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You did an amazing job with Enzo! He looks so sleek and healthy now.

I`m just so shocked that new kitty and Enzo are sleeping together on day 2!!! That is incredible You have two very special cats there
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