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Snoring Kitty?

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Bugsy snores!! I have never seen this before, but he certainly does... It's not loud like a deep sleep snore - more like a nap snore, if you know what I mean ... He also purrs like a truck . I have asked vets (different vets) in different instances, and both of them said his lungs are clear, and he has no problems whatsoever... I was wondering though: Is this normal? Or my baby has a problem I am not aware of?
When he is not purring or sleeping his breathing is completely silent and normal.
Does anybody else have a snoring cat, or I am the only lucky one?
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I have two like that, especially my little girl Molly, she snores so loud, as good as any person.
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sooty snores not all the time though flash doesnt
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Chaos and Zippy both snore. Chaos is so loud I've mistaken him for Joe on occasion lol. It's crazy, I can hear him clear on the other side of the room. Neither one does it all the time though, just when they're in a really deep sleep. I think it's cute most of the time.

Chaos is the first cat we've had who does snore so I was a little concerned the first time I heard him doing it too, but he's never had any breathing problems or anything. I just figure he picked it up from Joe. He's silly like that. If I poke him into a not-so-deep sleep he stops so it's just a sign that he's really enjoying his nap.
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Cat snores are cute! Kinko snores a little, but Harley - well how do you think he got his name? His purrs and snores are so loud that he drowns out the other three cats from across the room.
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Both of my kitties snore, especially if their heads are tucked down to their chests and they are really sacked out! I find it very comforting.
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My old kitty cat snored like a person. The first time I heard her do it I was taking a nap and thought my ex (my curent at the time) had joined me for a snooze, opend my eyes to see Mau Mau sleeping on the pillow next to me snoring away! Tooo cute!
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One of mine snores. He also has other breathing issues though, such as panting all the time. After multiple vet trips and multiple x-rays, his sinus cavities look a bit strange. Surgery may be in his future.

But, if snoring and loud purring is the only issue, it's probably fine. Have you noticed she snores in certain positions? For example, many cats will snore/have a hard time breathing when sleeping on their back.

I know of several cats that snore, so it probably isn't a health issue. If you're still concerned though I'd ask your vet to sedate your baby to take sinus x-rays (best x-rays when a cat isn't wiggling all over the place and their breathing is slower, thus suggesting the sedation). Also, make sure they have a digital x-rays as they show much MUCH more detail than traditional radiographs.
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My Pirate snores- but that's partly due to his herpes (it's the snot ) I think it's the cutest thing ever. I'll be lying on the couch and he'll be sleeping on my shoulder/chest, and he'll stick his nose in my ear and make a constant snoring/snorting noise. Hilarious! It's so loud it vibrates in my ear. He's funky!
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Dushka snores. She had pneumonia as a kitten but her lungs are fine now. She does it most when she is tightly curled up with her head down.
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My Ferris snores like a trucker, LOL! He's fine, breathes fine when awake, no URIs ever, no asthma, just snores his orange little head off when he passes out.

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Petite little Cindy snores up a storm. What's really funny is if she's asleep and snoring and you pet her, it turns into a trilly little purr.

Swanie doesn't snore, except every once in a while.
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