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Embroidery sewing machines anyone ?

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Does anyone have an embroidery machine? If you do (or knows someone who does), what kind do you have and what do you like or dislike about it?

I'm considering buying one and want some input from people who have used them.

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I have an old Singer machine....1963. It isn't an embroidery machine per se, but it does have an embroidery attachment. It works ok, except you have to direct the fabric around while it's working.

I've seen embroidery machines in action on "Sewing with Nancy" and some quilting sewing show on PBS. They look great. You program in the pattern using a disk or something, and press a button and away it goes. Seems simple enough once you get passed the learning curve.

Why not go to a sewing place and ask to try out a floor model and see one in action? That's the best way to shop for something like a sewing machine. Not all machines are created equal so it's best to try before you buy.
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My mom has the Bernina artista I am not sure witch model, but knowing my Mom its probably the 730. She loves it! I have never hear her say one bad thing about it. I have played with it and I like it a lot too. The only down side is that you have to change the thread when you get to the next color and some are 34 colors , but IMO that really is not something worth complaining about. My mom does both quilting and she embroiders stuff for Jaiden and my niece. I couold take a picture of some stuff she has done with it if you would like.

She wants the new Bernina because it is larger and can do larger projects. I have played with that machine alot so if you have any questions about it I am sure I can answer them. (Its a HUGE upgrade from my Bernina 1130 )
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I went to 3 stores and tried out 3 brands of machines yesterday - a Husguarvna, Bernina and Pfaff. I've owned Singers in the past and frankly don't like any of the ones built after about 1965 (my 1930's era treadle and 1952 Featherlight are wonderful). Of the 3 I looked at, the Husguarvna and Bernina had the best features, but the Bernina was by far the most expensive. And of course the Pfaff was the least expensive, and what bothered me about that machine was more that the sales person didn't know a lot about the machine so he couldn't demonstrate all that it might be able to do.

The Bernina that I "test drove" was the 730, and only because it was in the same price range of the other brands I looked at. The Bernina that was comparable to the other 2 (the one your mom wants) was actually thousands of dollars more expensive. But you are right - the largest hoop that came with it was the size of the smaller ones with the other machines. But it had Microsoft based software, so you can easily download things like all the Microsoft fonts.

I think I'll go back to see the Husguarvna today. That was the first machine I looked at and gained more knowledge about them by the time I went to the 3rd store. It did have the most patterns built in (lots of cat patterns ), the best warrantee, and the store had the most knowledgeable people. And I think I can use the attachments from my other 2 Husquarvna's with this machine.

So my conclusion thus far:
Bernina - the most versatile machine but also the most expensive by far and the store was focused on selling machines, not teaching you ways to use it.
Pfaff - least expensive and the store offers unlimited training on it, but I have a nagging feeling about it.
Husguarvna - best warrantee, compatible with machines I already own, most patterns, and a great store to support me for both using the machine and ideas for projects. They told me they would strike a deal on the price, but wasn't ready for that conversation with me yesterday. It may come in as low as the Pfaff.

I'm leaning towards the Husquarvna right now.

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Well, no, I don't have one, but I just wanted to say that I would love to have one some day!
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One of the gals I work with has a Husqvarna Viking embroidery machine, and loves it. I've seen some of her quilts that she's embellished with embroidery, and they are phenomenal! I'd love to own one, and I'd probably go with the Husqvarna Viking. My friend in Lansing has an older Husqvarna Viking sewing machine, which has never given her any problems in the 25+ years that she's had it.
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