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Our first stray kitten

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Hello All! We have now acuired our first stray (we think) kitten. The little girl was found on a friends porch and brought to us. She was pretty dirty, but mostly social so we aren't sure if she is a true stray. But she is adorable and as sweet as can be! We have been thinking of names and have decided on Pixel. She is a little tortoiseshell kitten, about 3 and a half months old. She went for her first vet visit today and is staying overnight so they can check for worms, the major diseases,(she has not come in contact with any of our cats just in case) and other things. If she gets a clean bill of health we will be finding her a home.

Now the pictures! There aren't many, and she is wet in all of them because she had to have a bath. Here they are!

I'll try to get on and post more pictures tomorrow after she gets back from the vet.

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Well done!

About finding her a home.

First, look if she already does have a home. Not all strays are dumped, or had careless owners. Some had gone astray by themselves, perhaps by running out when nobody noticed.... It is so easy with kittens: they tend to follow a friendly person - and suddenly they are way from their home and lost...

So as a minimum, do write her up on message boards in, say 10 kilometers radius (6 miles). Preferably with a photo.

This is by the way also the standard advice if you meet an alone cat who seeks help, but where you think he probably belongs somewhere.
Take in / help, or let it be and hope it will find home on his own??

The answer is: help the cat if you can and wish. AND seek parallelly actively after the presumed owner.

PS If you are suspicious, dont have all details: the real owner will know the last detail you didnt wrote up...
If you dont want to have your adresse written up everywhere, use the number to a cell-telephone (preferably with a pre-paid card). Use mail-adress on Yahoo.com or Hotmail.com...
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She looks like a stray cat that used to be by my area (who I called Sandy), everyone was afraid of the cat because the dark coloration creeped them out or something, but I found the cat really cute any cat cute really and the random coloration is really nice! She's really cute!
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Sorry it has been a while! I don't have any new pictures yet since I have been so busy with her! She tested negative for all of the diseases, even worms! She is eating well and happy as can be. We know for sure she is a stray, the friend who gave her to me checked around the neighborhood, also she was left in a box on someones porch so we think it was on purpose. She is actually staying with my mom, she will be keeping her at her house. Since she didn't get along with other cats at all we decided someone we know with no other cats should keep her and my mom said yes. He name has been changed to Pixie instead of Pixel. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Thanks for all the advice!
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She is a love! You are going to have a wonderful companion there! Do you think she got lost/separated from owner or mom? Do you think she was grrrrr abandoned? That`s how I got adopted by my stray Alley.Hard to just leave a little kitten.God bless you! You saved a life!
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What an adorable little doll!!!!!!!! AND she's staying in the family! How wonderful for all of you!

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