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New kitty

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It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to share out new baby with you. We were coming back from mowing my aunt's grass last night and I saw a little kitten on the side of the road. My husband said to turn around, so I did (like he really had to tell me to do that ), and he got out and picked it up,and I was shocked at how teeny tiny this little baby was! He got back in the truck and we went straight to our vet, who said that she's about 4 weeks old and pretty healthy. Her eyes were just a tad runny, so I have stuff for them and they look better already. She does sound a little raspy, but they said her lungs were clear and that it was in ther throat? Any idea there?

She eats on her own with the food moistened with the replacer milk, and she's also drinking some water. She's also using the litter box!! I couldn't believe it! We put her in it once,and she's been using it ever since.

She's in my bathroom away from everyone else until I know she's not carrying anything she can pass on to anyone else, and also so she can put on some size so my english mastiff doesn't accidentally step on her.

Anyway here are a couple of pics of her. She doesn't have a name yet...

Doesn't she have the cutest little bob-tail?
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awww. She looks like a precious to me
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OMG! OMG! She is absolutely precious and adorable!!!!!!!!! How lucky she is you rescued her!!!!!!! She is so tiny and has so much life in her eyes......
I am sending major her way! Keep us in touch with her progress!
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The boys measured her...she's 5 inches long and 2 and a half inches tall.

She makes kitty number 6.

We also have two dogs.

I wish those pictures were a little bigger.
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Holy cat that is the cutest little tail ever! And what a teeny face! Absolutely adorable, I'll give ya that.
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She's a complete doll baby! Love that little, itty-bitty tail. She looks like a Honey to me.
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She is so precious! She reminds me of Maia when I first found her, tiny little kittens looking to be loved! Maia was maybe a week older, her eyes were still blue and she fit in the palm of my hand!
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Aww Congratulations on your new family member, she is adorable!!!!!
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What a cute new family member!
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