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these cats drive me crazy...

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I moved 20+ cats from one yard to another due to complaints among other tenants.

They have been feeding in the woods since February maybe. A few months ago a new neighbor started feeding htem in his backyard. He stopped immediately once I told him he couldnt do it. 6 cats remain in his yard - in fact I pretty much go and get them before feeding and lead them into the woods (where they once waited for me).

So this was a big deal - but NOW I am seeing these cats cross the street and go into yards Ive never seen them in.

Im just getting really depressed about it. For now things are quite and I have the OK from my condo association to continue caring for them. But if there are more complaints than that may not last.

WHY ARE THEY SPREADING INTO MORE TERRITORIES??? I heard coffee grounds work - but how much do i need to spread and how often???

Plus out of the 20 something cats on the property - there are only 10 now that I see. I dont know if the others left or died or what.

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If they are not fixed your lucky to have 2 mature males in 1 area, they have territories and constantly travel around, to find females in heat too. Females travel to find more food or just a quiet space (how would you feel living with over 20 other people in one area!)

There not going to stay in one spot, no matter how good they are fed. Though sometimes they only go mabye 50 feet away and that's all. They might also be looking for areas depending on the weather (to stay out of the rain, or stay warm in winter)

Seems like normal behavior to me.
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Keith, I think she's had them all spayed and neutered at this point.

Are they going into condo yards? If not, I wouldn't worry about it. I know you fear the street and traffic, but, sadly, you can't totally control (if at all!) where the kitties go. I know moving them was a complete and amazing feat of determination and devotion - and they seem so ungrateful!

If you're worried about the condo yards.... I don't know about the coffee grounds, but I'm pretty sure that synthetic cayote urine (purchased from a hunting store or online) will work.

Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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