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"OFFICIAL" name idea... :)

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So Gigi is the name she came with........and at first I didn't care for it, but surprisingly my husband (the HUGE CAT MUSH) liked it, so we kept it and it has grown on me and now it is just know? She IS Gigi.... anyhow; I'm going to register her to show in HHP at ACFA and TICA (and possibly CFA) I need to give her an "official" name...after all, all my dogs have official names she needs one too! Gigi was the best picture in 1958 and was actually a musical, taking place in Paris about a little girl growing up with a not so great background and how she blossoms and a man falls in love with her... so there are several songs associated with the musical and my husband suggested the one called "Thank Heaven For Little Girls".......I wasn't too sure, but yeah, it sounds pretty good. This evening I pulled down the 6 oz. tin with what remains of my old kitty Greta that we just lost....then I looked over at my darling new Gigi....and it hit me....THANK HEAVEN.......for little the perfect name?? She reminds me a lot of Greta.....and I am so thankful to have her now...and she is a truly wonderful kitten.........what do you think?? I have a kennel name...but I don't think I need to attach it...I think the title can stand as it is. She will always be Gigi at home of course. Silly maybe, but I"m kind of sentimental and go overboard with my animals teehee
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P.S. When I was a lot younger and Greta was a lot younger, but I had less money and less follow through...I always said I wanted to show her in HHP b/c she was such a sweet kitty. It never happened as things go, and then the dogs came along and really changed my life; I'm a lot older now and want to follow the dream.......I have a feeling Greta would have kind of liked our Gigi!!
Eventually I will pull out all my Greta pix (and my other former cats too!) and put them in an album to is still hard....
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Everyone uses regular names for HHP.
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I've seen some more "fancy" names listed in TICA standings, but I know what you mean. There might be 500 Gigis.... shrug... just having fun with it, ya know?
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Nothing wrong with having fun.
I am bad with names though.
I did not even give cleo her registered name.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Everyone uses regular names for HHP.
The HHP's here have 'normal' names too. Max, Fluffy etc. you can of course have something fancier if you wish.

Thank Heaven For Little Girls is a nice name
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I think it sounds sweet...and fitting.
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