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Four possibles for November?

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I cannot decide between these four, including one I considered for June but which fits this theme too. Here we go:

1 Milo in the laundry

2 Persil in my waste paper box

3 Dushka looking regal in the bidet

4 Harry in the dolls' house (this could be cropped a little)
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Hee hee hee, gonna have to go for the bidet pic! How tempted were you to turn on the water?? lol (Though that would be a scraping cats off the ceiling pic contest)
If you go with the last pic I don't think it needs cropping at all, it has a nice sence of big cat in little house look!
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OMG! I totally LOL! I have to say the third and fourth are adorably funny! Hard to choose
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Jenny could you pick any harder ones to chose from? Their all brilliant, but i picked 1
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Dushka! Too funny!
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Totally immature moment coming up

Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post

3 Dushka looking regal in the bidet

LMAO..... ha ha ha ha ha.
Ya know, I've never been in a place with a bidet before.... I know what they are, but would have no idea how to use one.

I'm guessing you insert cat, then turn water on?

(sorry, I'm acting like a child learning the proper terms for male parts) hee hee hee

Butt yah, this one has my vote.
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Jenny, I'm not going to be any help here! My favorite is Milo, because he looks SOOOOO happy and content! BUT.... I laughed out loud at Dushka and Harry!

You may want to enter Dushka, just because it is so unique.

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Dushka's picture, definitely!!!
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I think the pic of Milo is perfect. Milo just looks so stretched out and comfy.
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Milo looks so sweet but the photo of Dushka made me laugh out loud!!! What funny kitties!
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I'm not any help because I choose Harry. I love seeing that big, beautiful boy in that small doll house. I agree with Trillcat that it doesn't need to be cropped at all!
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I like the pic of Dushka!
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