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Is this a male thing?

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When Kizzy plays with Kitchi, he can be a little rough (he was an only kitten) but I've noticed he tends to go for the goods..... as in, bite Kitchi's wee boy parts.

He does lighten up when Kitchi mews....but I was just curious as to why Kizzy feels the need to attack Kitchi's developing manhood?

Is he jealous since he doesn't have the whole package and Kitchi does? ( )
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With two of my boys play wrestle and bite each other, but I notice with mine the older boy Molasses is not getting the better of Toby, so Mo will bite him any where he can get a hold of and its usually near his personals.
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lol this is funny. My boys Amadeus and Galileo love wrestling one another, but I've noticed Amadeus is developing a tendacy to bite bottoms (he does it to Nefertiti and Symphony too who are girls so Im not sure it counts)! lol but yep I've got a male bottom biter oh and the girls most certainly do not bite any ones behinds!! lol
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It's not a boy thing. I've got males and females that do it to each other, with either sex.
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I see this too!!!! At first I thought it was the bottoms they were going after...oh no. They are biting each others privates when they are wrestling. I see too that they do not hurt each other though.
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k, so it's not just Kizzy thats a pervert.

Long as it's normal, and noone has lost a willy because of it, then I'm ok with it I guess
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