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Our cat Thumbs has diabetes. We are picking him up at vet today. The vet said we have to give him insulin shots everyday. Somebody told my wife they had a cat with diabetes and just changed the cats food. Anybody have a similar situation? Thanks.
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I would suggest PMing Optionken .. Ken has dealt with disease via food

What are you feeding now??
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We currently feed friskies. We had 13 cats at one point and are down to seven. We were thinking of switching to a better food for all of them.
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Do you feed wet?? that is IDEALLY the better of the commercial types for a diabetic cat .. and carbs under 10% which is most wet foods

Ken will tell you NO NO NO dry food ... if you have to look at the grain frees like core and evo
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We feed wet 3 times a day and dry is always avaiable if they want it. I am heading to the vet to get him now. I will PM optiken when I get back. Thanks.
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Realize diabetes is not a death sentence, no life span needs to be lost and your cat can live a long happty life. I have sent you a private message as there is just too much to go ove here
I want to thank Sharky for alerting me about this post

Canned foods under 10% carbs is what you need to feed. The breakdown is here
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I'd discontinue all dry foods. Look for a high protien, low carb and fiber diet. My friend's diabetic cats doesn't even get high-carb treats (check out if you are interested. The rest of the site is helpful, too.) If you are seriously on a budget, wheat-gluten free Fancy Feast can be a good option, though not preferable.
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