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Any tips for introducing my cat to new dogs?

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I'm moving in with my BF soon and he has 2 big dogs who have never met a cat. When they see a cat outside they go nuts wanting to chase it.

Anyone have suggestions for introductions?
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This may sound kinda weird, but it will work. My brother is a police officer and his friend from the K-9 unit gave him a german shepard. Later he got a cat. So the K-9 officer told him to hold the dog down and then put the cat on top of the dog, up by its head so that the dog sees the cat. This technique teaches the dog that the cat is dominant. You will have to do it several times and it should be done by people you trust to hold the dog! It also works for introducing small dogs to large dogs. It worked for my brother. It should also be noted that it will not carry on to other cats. What I mean by that is that even though the dog accepts your cat, doesn't mean it will not chase the neighbors cat. Good Luck!
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lol that would be dangerous for me. When my cat sees a big dog she scratches/claws/runs. I would be all scratched up.

Seems like it could work if my cat was already comfy around big dogs...but she's not.
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Sandys suggestion is interesting. Im sure it works...

A more everyday advice along the same idea is to order the dogs to lay down, and let the first meeting be when they lay down: the cat smelling and searching off the dogs in its own pace.
Here too the extra effect is teaching the dogs the cat belongs to the group - and is high on the hierarchy ladder.

Let them see you (ie the dog owner!) are holding the cat and are friendly to him = he belongs to the group.
See to give the cat lotsa smells from the dog-owner!

ps: here it is essential the dog-owner presents the cat him being the unquestionable alpha. Unless you the cat-owner are firmly recognized as the female alpha of the group... In this case, you can share the introduction.

Dogs are very group-oriented: as soon they realise the cat belongs - they will accept him, even protect him if need be.
With a little luck - be also pals or even good friends.

If you are the least unsure: do it with one dog at a time, the other dog somewhere else...
Make sure the cat has somewhere to run off if need be: preferably high up. But if the dogs are big - down under works also fine...

As Sandy said: The family cat should be safe. But other cats arent necessary safe: they dont belong to the family-group...

Unless you actively train the dogs not to attack any cat at all. But this is a different story...

good luck!
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Hopefully the dogs are well trained and obey commands. Intoduce 1 at a time, slowly. Allow them to smell each other though a window or door. Smelling is very important. I recently brought a new kitten home to a well adjusted family of 2 dogs and one cat. I placed the new kitten in a crate and placed her on my screened patio. First I allowed the cat to sniff her for a few hours and then I let the kitten out of the crate. The older male cat accepted her immediately, the kitten hissed but they were fast friends. The next day I allowed one dog to sniff her for a few hours and then I allowed dog #2 out to sniff the new kitty. I repeated a few times throughout the day. The next day, I allowed the kitten out of the crate with one dog at a time. My dogs are good with cats, so I was not afraid. If they were not used to cats, I would have had a leash on the dogs and would have been holding the kitten and allowed them to smell. Be patient, be smart. DO not ever allow them alone until you are 100% confident. The other day, my dog was licking the kitten and the cat was licking the dog.
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