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Bonnie and Bobby pics

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Bonnie in a very undignified pose. Usually such a lady.

and Bobby, my "senior"

Bobby is 14 and I've had him since he was a kitten of 8 weeks. Bonnie was a stray (all 4 paws are declawed! - she was also spayed) and she jumped into a woman's baby's room window around last November (Thanksgiving). Seems she was running around with a pack of cats and getting fed from neighbors. It was cold and she jumped about 8' into this window. Don't know why it was opened.

All efforts to locate her owners came up empty. No microchip. 3 months trying to find her owners and no one claimed her. So, instead of taking her to the shelter, the lady emailed me and asked if I wanted her and of course I said yes and now she is our baby girl. Bobby tolerates her now too.
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Bonnie reminds me of my Fiona. She is gorgeous and her story is amazing! I am so glad she has a nice home now.

Bobby looks like a big boy!? They are both really gorgeous!
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Hi. Yes Bobby is around 12-13 lbs. He is a big one. Bonnie would only eat "people food" and I am still having a hard time getting her to eat cat food. She likes raw chicken. She's missing a few teeth but the vet says she is about 5 or 6 years old.
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i'm glad she has a good home now..she's very pretty indeed.
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Oh my goodness, what GORGEOUS babies they are

What an amazing story of how Bonnie was rescued
That pic of her made me laugh
I sure cant wait to see more pics of these beauties
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Oh my heart Your babies are gorgeous
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Awwwww, your babies are so stunning, and Bonnie's story is very heartwarming.
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Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
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Awww! They're beautiful!!
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Awww, what sweet cats! Bonnie has a great rescue story! Thank you for giving her a home. She is so pretty, she definitely deserves one. Bobby is awfully handsome. Thank you for sharing them with us!
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