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wow..this is so cool!

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I had recently sent an email to hecla island - gull harbour - a link to my website and specifically the photos I took while I was in hecla. I figured in case they were interested in using them on their website etc...
and I got a response!

Cheryl, you have an eye for a good shot and you have some GREAT SHOTS!

Next time you are on the Island รขโ‚ฌยฆ.stop by and visit.

so..I emailed the person back saying I would tell him when I was coming so he can tell me where to find him..and apparently he's the owner of the marina!!!
too now the owner wants to meet me.
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Congratulations! You are a wonderful photographer (I've probably said that you before, but it's true). This sounds like a real honor.
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That's excellent!!. It just shows theres people looking at it.

Keep us updated Cheryl?!
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Brilliant, I love your photographs
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thanks I will keep everyone updated.i'm pretty happy..oh..i'll post more photos on here today
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That's great! A friend of mine did that with her zoo pics. She's quite the photographer and noticed the zoo pamphlet photos were not that great. She emailed the marketing department her pics and they ended up using her pics and paying her for them!
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That's awesome
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