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racoon on my roof

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i was checking my e-mail last night at 10pm and heard a noise on the roof. there was a racoon up there. i even woke up DH. he goes to bed early because he has to get up at 4:30am. a little later i looked out the window and it was up on the garage with it's head hanging over looking right at me. i had started to put out some dry catfood at night for a stray cat i've noticed in the neighborhood but i think the racoon has been eating it.
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Awww, poor guy! It's amazing what they can get themselves into. And, yes..they LOVE cat food. Well, any food for that matter. Many times I've had to chase raccoons and opposums from the barn cats' food. They can be stubborn things too, but they are SO cute! I hope he got down safely!
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When I was living at home I had some ferals/strays that I fed because they hung out in the back yard. I attracted a family of 4 raccoons. One night the back door didn't get closed all the way and the broke into are house Anyways, I just stopped leaving food at past dark. If it was past 8pm I just wouldn't put any more food at. The raccoons stopped making an appearance after a few days. Word of the wise make sure your door is closed all the way those things are smart!!
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I've been feeding raccoons for at least 18 years. My Dad went from thinking I was nuts to asking me, "Did the raccoons come around last night?"
"My" raccoons get cookies and a bowl of water every nght. I buy the really cheap cookies at WalMart, so I don't go broke. They refuse to eat anything soft; I've tried leftover/stale rolls and bread and they just aren't intested.
I, too, have learned to put cat food out for the strays well before dark.
Occasionally, there will be more than one raccoon show up to eat (I built them a covered feeding station outside my back door). They can really sound ferocious when they decide to fight over the food. For awhile, I had 2 showing up everynight and had to put the dishes in separate locations to keep them from tearing into each other.
Can you tell I love raccoons?
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Yes raccoons do love their cat food. Two years ago I had a momma raccoon and three babies living in a tree in the corner of my yard. I use to put a plate of dry catfood out for them each night and it was so cute to watch them come and eat. The babies were so cute but they could be really destructive if anything was left where they could get to it.
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Awwww, racoons are adorable! We don't have them here.
I remember watching a document about them, the baby racoons were incredibly cute and they tought that covering their eyes you can't see them.
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They are cute, but we have entire families that come because they know we put fruits, etc out . They get drinks out of the bird bath
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