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Really Mean Cat!!

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There is this little brown tabby that comes around a lot. I know she used to belong to someone because she had a flea collar. She doesn't have it anymore and she's been around a lot more, I'm hoping she still has a home. Anyway, she is very mean. She hisses and growls at me, she hisses and growls at the other cats. But she doesn't run away. She just sits there and hisses and growls. I don't know. I'm guessing there probably isn't a solution to this problem, and as far as I know, she's never attacked any of the cats.
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My guess is she's alone and scared, and is hissing and growling to establish her "space." Maybe you can get a picture of her to put up posters around the area?

Do you work with a group or do you rescue on your own? If you can find a foster (if you can't find her family), she sound like the kind of kitty that should be fostered and rehomed.

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I also think she's scared. She probably would attack if she was just aggressive and "mean." When I worked at the HS I met a lot of cats who made a show of being a badass when they were really quite squishy once they got over their fear.
If she lost an owner or got dumped she's probably coming to you for help.

I second the idea of putting posters up in the area. I usually put up signs that say I found a lost dog or cat and say "call to identify" so someone doesn't just say, "Hey, free and easy dog. Yeah, that's mine." It's been done.
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