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VENT- what happened to Jake's biological mommy

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So..Jake's mommy was rescued off the streets as a stray by one of my friend/acquaintances. He never spayed her or take her in for any shots...She was giving birth, litter after litter since she was an outside and inside cat. This guy, I can't call him my friend anymore, randomly mentioned to me he had kittens that he was giving away and I said I'd take one. Well I didn't know anything about kittens, but he was going to take them to the shelter at 5 weeks old because he couldn't find anyone who wanted one except for me. Anyways long story short- I got Jake at 5 weeks old (or so I was told I think he might have been 4 weeks old) , I told my friend to SPAY his cat!! I told him she won't stop having more kittens and they are all going to the shelters it's just wrong. I wasn't going to push on it and be all judgemental because it's not my business , so I didn't ask further. Then he asked me if I wanted another kitten cuz she had had another litter- i said I couldn't afford to take care of another. And today, I casually asked how my baby Jake's mommy was doing- he said "Oh we got rid of her, took her to the shelter" He said "She kept having too many kittens so we couldn't afford to pay the shelter to take them in all the time". He said it as if it was HER FAULT for always getting pregnant and if she had been more responsible she would still be there. OMG!!!! I am so upset. I could NEVER EVER imagine how people can take their pet to the shelter and ABANDON their pet I cannot understand it. These people are brutal and cold hearted IMO. I know what happened to her, I know all GA shelters are overcrowded and so are rescue groups I know what happened to Jake's brothers and sisters, along with the many many litters that she had The solution was SO SIMPLE!!! Just get her spayed!!I know saying that is like preaching to the choir but you never know someone uninformed might come across it- PLEASE everyone, get your pets altered. It is too sad
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I am sorry... yes, people are just stupid... RIP Jake's mommy...
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That is just idiotic. That is one overuse of smilies that is deserved! There are way too many cats in this world for people to be lazy enough to just go, "Well, we can't fix her. It's too much work/too expensive/unatural/etc." I really hope his mom found a loving home like she deserved.
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Originally Posted by fattykitty View Post
That is just idiotic.
It's too bad we can't take people like him to a shelter.
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Yes he deserves to be taken to the shelter He said she went to the shelter so casually as if it's not a big deal What I'm mostly shocked about is how he was upset she was having litters. I guess he's just that stupid and doesn't realize that's what cats do unless they get spayed...
Now I feel like along with Jake, I should have asked to take his mommy as well if they wouldn't spay her. But I never for once believed they would do this, it looked like she was well taken care of ...
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What is so stupid about it is the economics piece. If he had spayed her early, then he wouldn't have had all of the fees for the shelters to take the kittens.

Poor mama. I hope she's in a better place now.
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That's infuriating and so sad! There are low cost clinics that can do spays for just $10 here. And every once in a while the local HS has a week where they'll do them free!
Judging by the fact that he didn't care enough to spay her or search for low cost options if that was a problem, she's better off without him. Though that still doesn't undermine what might happen to her in a shelter.
This reminds me of when I suggested my friend to spay her dog so she wouldn't keep getting pregnant, she said, "Only boys can get spayed." When I assured her that wasn't true she didn't believe me. It ended tragically when the mother dog, her puppies, and the other dog they had all died from Parvo (they never got shots either).
Sorry for getting off topic.
I hope that kitty has been adopted and/or she went to a no-kill shelter!
People are so stupid! That's what I love about this forum, though. I can lose my faith in humanity when I hear of people doing things like this, but then contrastingly, there are amazing people who do everything they can to save these animals, and many are on TCS.
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If the CAT had been more responsible and stopped having litters? IF THE CAT... *coughcoughcough*

Wow. That's really all I can say. Wow.
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