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sisters fighting????

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I am hoping someone here can help me. About 8 years ago, we got 2 sisters from the humane society in my town. They are from the same litter, and have never lived apart. Usually they get along really great, and we would often find them cuddled together on the sofa or bed. They are indoor cats that occasionally sneak out the door between our legs as we leave or return to the house. Today, they were both inside for the entire day. either

However, they have started fighting, and I think it is more than playing. For instance, tonight, I was woken up to the most outrageous racket. They were fighting in the doorway of my bedroom. rolling on the floor, scratching and screeching. One peed all over the floor during this fight. This was 45 minutes ago. Since then, one has been under the bed growling at the one sitting in the hallway.

I don't think that my cats have to be best friends, but this fighting is getting a little ridiculous. Today was the worst that I have ever seen, but they do play fight and get "hissy" a couple of times a week...but usually it is fun for them, as they cuddle to each other shortly after the drama....

Does anyone have any advise on how to manage this? How to stop the fighting? I would like my peaceful house back!

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One of them might be sick - usually the one who gets cornered is the sick one, and the more aggressive the healthier...
Anything out of the ordinary? Did you groom them (bath), move furniture around, added a new kitten??
Sudden changes in behavior like that might indicate health issues, and a vet visit is in order... This is not normal.
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Thanks for your comments....I hope that they are not sick! They seem to have settled down a bit...I haven't made any changes...although June is a very busy month for me, and I have been at work more than normal....I will get them checked out....thanks!
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