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Horse Camping

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We took a trip to Black Butte near Sisters OR last week. My friend and I brought our dogs as well. It was LiLo's first trail riding expirience. I wish we had taken video, the first ride she kept trying to attack my horse when we'd take off cantering. The second ride she was awesome, stayed next to us or explored around but was always close. The dogs had an absolute blast and so did we! Pardon the pictures with me in them... I look terribley fat. It's kind of painful :p

The Butte.

Happy LiLo

Reno. An amazing ambassador for his breed, he's 6 years old and loves everyone both furry or two legged. He's also a shelter dog.

Bailey, Shawna, and Reno

Me, Cairo, and LiLo

Good Trail puppies!

Cairo and Bailey

Shawna and Reno

Me and LiLo

Cairo and I

Cool looking tree.
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Oh how fun!! The pics are beautiful

I love this pic. Its perfect. All 3 of you and look at Lilo

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Your horse is beautiful. Looks like a great place to ride.
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lovely pics! the horses are beautiful!
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beautiful pictures

Reno is super duper gorgeous!!
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Reno is a good boy! He is seriously a lab stuck in a pit bull body. He's a total dork!
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This makes me wish I still rode Lovely pics, it looks like you all had a great time!
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that looks like SO much fun!!!
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Your pics are so wonderful. I'm so jelous - I've always wanted the companionship of a horse. My family has always been heavily involved in horses but I just don't have the time
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Beautiful horses and the dogs are pretty cute too.
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Wow what an awesome thing to do! I would love to go on a horse trek. And that's cool the dogs could come too, they must have had a blast!
What's hanging by the horses' tails? Is that a poop bag?
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What's hanging by the horses' tails? Is that a poop bag?
Close! It's actually a tail bag. You braid the tail and put it in there and it protects the tail from damage, therefore helping it grow long. I take the tail out like 1-2 times a month and wash it, then it goes back in the bag.

My horse also has really different tail hair, it's very fine and soft, and it will get tangled pretty badly if it isn't bagged.
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