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11 day old kitten with an eye infection..

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I'm fostering a momma kitty and her 3 babies for the local animal shelter. the babies began opening their eyes this week and one baby had an eye seal itself shut yesterday. When I went to clean it last night with sterile gauze and warm water quite a bit of pus came out and his eye is looking red and inflamed.
I called the shelter and they said that if it doesn't get better I can bring him in but they will have to put him to sleep because they "don't put money into kittens" and so they won't pay for Vet treatment.
I've ordered some Terramycin online but it won't be here until next there anything that I can do to help with infection until then?
i'd take him to the Vet myself but my husband left me a couple of months ago and I'm a stay at home mom with no extra money at the moment...buying the Terramycin is the most that I can afford to do right now.
Here is a pic of Momma (Sassy) and her three little one's..they are sooo cute!
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Sounds just like Sesame's was, one eye opened and the other stayed sealed shut. I would just keep using a warm cloth to open it. Sesame's would continue to seal and fill with puss--I did use the Terramycin cream as well and it helped but it took a good 2 weeks or more. She went to her new home with two beautiful colored eyes, you could never tell she had such an eye infection.

By the way she didn't see the vet either. I called and asked what they would do. They said they'd give her the Terramycin cream. Since I had some at home, I gave it a try before I put money into taking her to the vet. (I rescued her pregnant momma and Sesame was one of 5 babies, my funds were low as well and if the cream would fix it I had to at least try)

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I was going to suggest Terramycin so you're on the right track there. Until then just clean if often is the best advice I can offer. I know kittens can get permanent eye damage in a matter of days when they have this kind of infection.... I hope somebody else has some better "at home remedies"!

I do understand the mentality of "don't spend money on kittens" when fostering, but gosh it's hard!

Best of luck to you and your babies!!
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Aww...that's a shame Mama looks really YOUNG too... I don't have any additional advice...well, except don't try to open the eye at all...the kitten could lose the eye...I hope she can get over the infection!! Good luck!!
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I've been doing warm water soaks a few times today and his eye looks much better.
No drainage this evening but still red and inflamed.
I'm hoping that he doesn't lose sight in that eye but at least the other one looks great
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Antibodies from nursing from the mama cat will help too. Keep mama cat well fed and watered so she'll keep making the good stuff!
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I just wanted to thank you all for the help and support. I've been treating with Terramycin and his eye's are looking much better.
He woke up without crusty eyes for the first time today..
More cuteness! Enjoy
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OH MY GOSH! is that an all white kitten!!! SO CUTE! Mine are all black

i used the cream for the longest time and it turned out my three kittens (same problem as yours sounds like) have Herpes. maybe some L Lysine paste she can lick off your fingers? That worked like a charm for my little boys.
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The babies are doing great and almost ready to go to their new homes. They are 8 weeks old today and will be with us for another week or so. I'm going to miss them but it will be nice to have a break for a little while...unless they talk us into fostering more right
I'll try to post updated pics soon
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Tetricycline (can't spell sorry) works well in this situation. However, I have had more then one vet say that getting the Polysporn Eye Drops from Shoppers Drug Mart will help with infections/bacteria in the eye. There is antibiotics in the eye drops.

Good luck
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