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Frank and his very own saint

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As many of you already know, I'm the caretaker of an adorable kitty named Frank, who was TNR'd more than a year ago. I've been working to gain Frank's trust for a while now and we're at the point that I've been able to touch him briefly on the back before he darts away.

Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Frank and the saint he's name for, St. Francis of Assisi, whose statue is right by my front steps.

Here's both "Franks:"

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Oh my - LOOK at all that cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That expression would drive anyone nuts.

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Oh what a cutie!
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Aw, look at that cutie. His eyes are gorgeous. It's clear that he wants to trust you. I think you're almost there.
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he looks like such a sweetie! and the cat is cute too
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That is the sweetest pic I pray to St. Francis all the time for my babies
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awwww he is so beautiful. Kudos to you for taking your time and earning his trust.
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Frank knows very well that it's always good to stick close to those that protect you. Both St. Francis and you.
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Ha-ha, Katie.

Thanks, guys.
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Aww what a great picture Eileen!

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awww so cute
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He's really cute. That's a great photo. Wishing you continued success gaining Frankie's trust. Getting a pic this close is a good step!
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