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Do you have an alpha cat?

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It would seem Amadeus is the top cat in our group. He will sit on the others from time to time and groom them. He's sitting on top of Nefertiti right now giving her a good old wash (this probably isn't that nice as he's quite big)? lol. He will also make sure hes the first to eat batting every one out of the way so he can gobble food up first. Then when the favourite toys come out he makes sure hes the first to play. He also seems to get to sleep in the comfiest spots and I wonder if thats part of it. Perhaps its just me but I really feel Amadeus is the leader amongst us (a part from me of course but then I am just the mythical creature that makes food appear and gives massages at the drop of a paw ).
Do you have a top cat amongst you ?
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My Molasses is like that. He is the Alpha cat. I have 9 cats and they all know who the top cat is. He sits in the middle of the room like he owns the place, watches out the window like he's protecting the home. As soon as he sees a cat outside he goes to each window keeping them in sight and if one of his brothers or sisters are in the window they jump off when they see Mo coming because he means business if they get in his way. Yet they love him, they are always rubbing up on him.
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Yep, Tundra is the alpha. He jumps up and sits on Tacoma all the time, especially when Tacoma is sleeping. He takes it for a while, enjoys the grooming and then jumps down. He pushes Tacoma out of the sleeping basket - so I got two. Tacoma seems fine with it.
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LOL...yes I did one time. My big 18 pound Georgy was the fact he had me quaking in my boots...ROFL....he was a neat cat that I hand raised from 4 weeks (big mistake, I was only 21 back then), who got too big for his britches and loved only me (but didn't hesitate to attack my ankles)...luckily my other two were both girls so he was okay with them, but definitely the head of the house as far as sleeping spots, eating first, etc..........
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My cats seem pretty equal. They both sit and groom each others, and I've never seen them argue. However, Kitty does seem to get the window seat more often, though more and more often they share the seat. I read somewhere that cats have looser roles anyway.
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Not really...they all think they're the top cat hah. They're not all that social with each other so that may have something to do with our lack of a hierarchy. Tiffany and Zippy will both give way to Chaos simply because he's bigger than they are but he never really makes an effort at it. It's more just him bulling them out of his way with his big head lol.

Zippy was never properly socialized so he doesn't really understand how to behave around other cats despite being around others all his life. His latest thing is to walk up to the other cats and smack them in the face. He uses it both as a greeting and his way of playing with them. He's lucky Chaos is so laid back and never hits back heh.

Tiffany the Curmudgeon Cat tolerates the other two but that's about the extent of her interaction. She'll play with Chaos a little bit every now and then but usually she just gives her angry mrrow and walks off whenever one of them gets too close.

Unofficially Chaos is the top cat. He rules the human household, at any rate.
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Utu is definitely the alpha cat here. He always gets the highest platform from the scratching tree, and the other cats groom him if he feels kind enough to allow them to do so. He used to 'rape' Kuura before he was neutered, and now that Kuura is the stud in the house he still sometimes does this 'dominating' gesture: bites Kuura's neck and takes the 'mating position' but doesn't actually do anything to him. Kuura knows that he is not allowed to hump Utu. If he tries, Utu will kick his ass and chase him around the house. Utu also gets to eat first. Tomu (kitten) seems to have known from the start that Utu is the alpha cat and admires him from a safe distance. Kuura on the other hand hasn't earned Tomu's respect and Tomu often starts a wrestle with him and chases his tail.
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