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I wasn't a Michael Jackson fan. His rise to fame happened before I was born or when I was quite young. I knew some of his songs as "classics" and sang "Heal The World" during my early elementary school years with the choir. My knowledge of Michael Jackson, the musician, was fairly limited.

What I did "know" of Michael Jackson as a person, wasn't particularly positive. I knew he turned from a cute, African-American kid, to a very gender-ambiguous and pale individual. I knew that he was accused of child-molestation (and probably thought he was guilty too) and that he hung his child off a balcony. Basically, I knew all the media-covered events of the last 10-15 years.

When I heard that he died, I can't say I really understood what the fuss was about. All this "talent" people were saying he had. To me, he was a pop singer. In pop, a hit, even several hit songs, doesn't necessarily mean one has talent. I found it interesting that his death was being so sensationalized when he had spent the last 10+ years, essentially being seen as (by many, me included) as a "freak".

As I watched the memorial service today (I watched on and off, while cleaning, etc, so I didn't get everything), I was also googling some information on him. I learned that he had lupus and viltiligo, which caused his skin to become blotchy. Which could explain the glove, the colour change, etc. I learned more about his music, his dancing, and his other professional achievements. I learned about the charities he contributed to. I learned more about the accusations against him and found out that none of the accusations had ever been proven. When I heard his brothers speak on stage, I noticed they had higher-pitched voices, similar to the (IMO) quite "feminine" voice that I had never quite understood when I listened to Michael Jackson. I saw that his family and friends loved him very much and thought the world of him.

Today's memorial service, for me, was very enlightening. I still can't say that I'm a Michael Jackson fan, but I do have a greater understanding of his as an artist, and a little more insight into him as a person. I no longer see him as a "freak", although still a little eccentric. Although I do not know if he was guilty of the accusations against him, I can't help but think of the pain and agony he must of went through with all the media accusations and negative coverage, especially if he was innocent. More than anything, at this point, I see that regardless of what I thought of him, or what others think of him, he was a son, father, friend, and idol, and there are people out there who are mourning his loss and remembering his very fondly.

So, in that note, RIP Michael Jackson.
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Thank you Michael....
Rest in peace.
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Watching this made me so so sad Wow...Poor Michael. It hadn't hit me until a few days ago!! I hope the kids go to their grandmother and I hope their family help to take good care of them. Why was Diana Ross missing?
Jermaine's performance was amazing, my favorite moment. Jermaine's voice reminded me of Micheal's voice which is why I loved it so much.
They all look so strikingly similar, you can tell they are a family if you didn't know! Especially Janet and Michael...but you can find similarities in all of them. LaToya looks nothing like the rest though..
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Wow I haven't seen any footage - but I'm still crying!

It's so sad.
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