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Introducing a retired breeder to our kitty

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I know this is one more "introducing" thread, but my situation is a little different. We have a boy kitty, Halo, who is almost 12 weeks old now. I just got the good new today that we will be adopting a retired 4 year old Ragdoll female soon. Her last litter will be 8 weeks old or so when she join us. According to her breeder she(the cat) is ready to let go of her 5 kittens, that are driving her nuts.
So Halo will be older than her kittens when she arrives, but I still wanna have an idea of what is in store for us. I want to make it as smooth as possible. I see our kitty as being very happy with the new addition. But what about a Dam who had kittens 8 weeks ago? what to expect? how to make it better?
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Even though I never really did a slow intro, I think in this case you should, especially if your kitten haven't received all shots yet (I believe the last ones are on 16 weeks). Please only have them meet before then under your supervision. Ragdolls are very laid back, and the introduction should be easy.
Something else: Is the breeder going to spay the dam? Please be aware that your boy can breed pretty soon!
Last thing: Why is the breeder separating the mom at 8 weeks? This is awfully young... She should have at least another 4 weeks with the kittens...
Good luck and congrats!!
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Hello fellow brazilian!!!
Thank you for replying. I am hoping it will go smooth, being Ragdolls should be a plus. She will not come spayed, and I plan on doing my research on when she will be in season after having her last litter. Halo is still only 2.6 lbs and his male "parts" are not quite ready.
She is a sweetheart according to her breeder though, but she is having a hard time with her kittens this time. They are weaned but apparently they are driving their mama crazy trying to nurse. She had 5 kitens with beautiful markins, all already reserved.
I can send you her website by pm if you want to.
Ana (indo ao Brasil em Novembro com a familia!!!)
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Hi Ana!

Please spay her as soon as you can - don't wait until you think she is going to go into heat again. There is a big chance you could have an accident, and she would turned out pregnant - I have seen it in here quite a few times, actually... IMO, and I am sorry if this is something you don't want to hear, it raises a red flag to me that the breeder is giving you a "retired" intact dam who had her last litter 8 weeks ago... I never heard of this happening from a reputable breeder before... I hope you intend to fix her, and not breed it with your boy...
Can you PM me her site? I love Ragdolls - I have 2 myself
Oh, I envy you - you are going to Brasil!!! That's wonderful! Where are you going to?
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Too be on the safe side, I'd get her spayed as soon as possible. I believe ragdolls mature slowly, but there's always the odd early bloomer (just like some humans, including myself). I doubt there will be a problem, especially since she will be used to the kitten antics. Being a docile bred is a plus. Just go through the regular process.
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