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Closer's Kitty dies on show - and real life

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I haven't watched this show in a long time, but this is so sad

RIP Kitty
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oh gosh, that is sad I didn't realize that Kitty was sick IRL too RIP Kitty
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IMO, that was a brave thing to do - esp. since Kyra Sedgewick had so recently lost her own personal cat - it helps the public deal with the loss of loved ones. Play happily over RB, Kitty!!
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On the show, she said that Kitty was having serious kidney issues and gave him a sub-Q...
right on the show.
I thought that was great thing for the viewers to see.
Rest in peace Kitty
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Like I didn't bawl enough on Monday while watching the show, now I am in tears again. It was a great storyline and hopefully will help someone be able to make that heartwretching decision in their own life.
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I loved that she had Kitty... amused by that fact that she could never get Kitty's sex straight... one second called her a She and then a He in the very next sentence... she showed her humanity by having Kitty around... it was a wonderful touch...

RIP Miss Kitty... your presence on the show will be missed....

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If you have'nt seen last weeks THE CLOSER yet you may not wanna read this. MISS KITTY, who played Brenda's cat Kitty on the show died a few days after the show where Kitty was put to sleep. Apparently Miss Kitty was suffering from kidney problems and they decided to incorperate that into the show. I for one will miss her and I'll probably keep looking for her in the scenes shot at "Brenda's" house. RIP MISS KITTY. (I wasn't sure whether to put it here or in the CROSSING THE BRIDGE section)?
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my local CO of cable change the show for other issue...:spam2
I didn´t know... Poor Miss kitty---

I know is a serie TV...
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I didn't see this mentioned, and I don't watch the show, but I found this article about "The Closer" dealing with the loss of a cat on their show.

Miss Kitty is gone...
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