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30 year old white woman in danger of euth!!!

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The shelter I work at was going to euthanize a 10 week old, super-friendly kitten this morning. Suddenly, I heard myself saying, "I'll take him." He's solid black if anyone in the south-eastern US wants him, I'll drive him to you. Otherwise, my husband's going to murder me when he gets home from work! He doesn't yet know about the kitten
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Bless you for taking him home!!!! I'd call around to local vets, see if they know of anyone looking to adopt a kitten.
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Don't tell him. But seriously, you did the only thing you could have done. Any of us would have done the same. You'll find a good home for him soon!
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I think I've found him a home so I may yet live another day! I'm waiting until my husband gets home and is face to face with the cutie before I tell him. He won't like it but he'll understand and it will go much smoother since it looks like the kitten has a home.
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Oh, yeah and my husband's the one who's always trying to bring home the semi-ferals he finds when he's dining outdoors. Thankfully, he's not skilled enough to catch a semi-feral.

The little guy is sitting here between me and my monitor and I can say I have zero regrets about bringing him home. Absolute worst case scenerio, I'll get him his shots and have him fixed and he can be an outdoor kitty. I don't love it but it's the best I can offer if the home falls through.
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You don't have enough cats already he wouldn't even notice one more?

Really - thank you for rescuing this kitty! I hope the home comes through for him. If not, I'd go with Nat's suggestion. Our vet has helped us adopt out most of the kitties we've rescued. People come to them all the time asking for cats or kittens.

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Well, the hubby's home and I still draw breath. He understood, of course, but won't go quite so far as to say that he does!

I'll find this little guy a good home. I'm not above begging either.
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I LOVE your title Bless you for rescuing the little guy - sending mega prayers & vibes that he gets his forever home soon (if he hasn't already )
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I'm so glad you took him home and it didn't result in bodily harm (for you, lol).

When my sil rescued a cat from the park, she was afraid her husband (Tony) would be mad. So she shut the cat in the guest bathroom right before Tony came home, thinking he wouldn't notice. The door to their guest bathroom is usually kept open. "Why is the bathroom door shut?" Tony asked, of all things. "Oh, I don't know," Sil replied innocently, not believing her bad luck. "I'll open it," Tony said. About that time, the cat started sticking his long front legs out from under the bathroom door and waving them around. "Have you got a cat in there?" Tony asked. "No," Sil said...

I don't think Sil had much of a plan, it being another one of those spur of the moment rescues where you know you're going to have to face your husband sooner or later. But the good news is, she got to keep the cat (Tony Tiger), who now rules the house.

Blessing to you for your rescue and best of luck in finding a good home for him.
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Great news! The kitty has a home. I'm leaving in a few minutes to drive him to it!!!

Oh, and my husband and I are going on a date to celebrate!
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That's great news! I hope the little guy has many, many, many great years in his new home. :hug:

Have a great time!
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