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My Herd

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So named for the way they stampede down the stairs after me every morning.

First up is Chaos, my baby. He'll be 10 in August.

Next is Tiffany, aka Sniffany, Hoover, or Curmudgeon Cat. She's the eldest, around 12-13. She's also front declawed, unfortunately. It doesn't stop her from giving the boys holy whatfor, though.

And here's Zippy, the former feral. He's not making faces at the camera on purpose. His lower canine sticks out and his lip always gets stuck on it, giving him that half-scowl. He's actually very sweet and gentle.
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Aww, they're cuties! Zippy's doing a great Elvis impression with the lip!
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Lol, I never noticed before but he does seem like he's doing an impression doesn't he? Actually, I finally got two poses I've been trying to catch him in the act of for weeks. He never does it when I have the camera handy lol.

Here's his regal pose:

I just love how he crosses his paws, I've never seen another cat do that.

And his...not so regal pose. :p I've discovered that if one gets his attention while he's washing up, he often forgets to pull his tongue in and he ends up looking like this:
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what lovely cats!! I have a Chaos too, also black and white. He wasn't named on purpose, but he has caused a lot of chaos
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Lol, ours is named because that's exactly what he causes. He keeps us on our toes, that's for sure.

One of my coworkers has a Chaos too, gray tabby though.
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Your cats are gorgeous! Hello from Massachusetts! My parents live in NH.

Rocko crosses his arms like that. He is a big fluffy boy like yours also. And super gentle too. I think its there way of showing they may be big but they are gentle giants.
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Hello there! I live very close to the Mass border.

Hmm, that could be. I've never had a big fluffball like Zippy before so perhaps it's more common with them. I prefer shorthairs cause I hate vacuuming lol. Every time Zippy gets up he leaves half a cat's worth of fur behind. :P We just got one of those Swivel Sweepers to see how they work and so far it's been great, picks the fur right up without scaring the cats or having to drag the heavy industrial vacuum up the stairs every day.
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What lovely babies!
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Your cats are absolutely gorgeous. Zippy really does look sweet and gentle, even with his Elvis expression.
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What beautiful cats absolutely beautiful.

Sniffany Shes so beautiful. Girlz Rule!
Zippy hes a hunk of love, thats for sure
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Beautiful herd! (We always called our the "horde" )

I had a Chaos, too, sister to Havoc. These sisters earned their names.
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Tiffany and Chaos are going to be jealous haha, Zippy's getting all the love today. Here's a couple more of them to balance it out a bit.

Chaos getting the spring sillies out:

Trying his best at a regal pose:

Tiffany just hanging out:

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All your babies are gorgeous, but I especially like Tiffany and especially especially Chaos because I have a thing for black cats. Keep posting!
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Hi there,

lovely heard of cats

Does Chaos let you tickle his belly when he's doing the sillies He does seem to have a few battle scars on his ears.

Tiffany on the other hand has a really pink nose and nice whiskers

So while Chaos is doing the sillies Zippy is trying to preserve a cats natural dignity by looking as regal as a beagel? Has he got his own throne to slumber on?


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Oh, Chaos would definitely let me but...I kind of like my hands. I know from experience that he can get really playful and he'll grab my hand if I'm not quick enough. He just wants to play but those claws of his can hurt. He always forgets how strong he is. He's essentially 13 lbs of muscle so...yeah.

The ripped up ears are mainly disagreements with Winston, the neighbor's cat. They're best friends now but they used to go at it when they were younger. You could always tell cause Winston's a Persian and every time they fought there'd be clouds of white fur everywhere.

Now they just hang out and sleep in the neighbor's lounge chairs most afternoons. We call it their tea time lol. Even the neighbor said she feels like she should be offering them drinks or something. XD

Tiffany has such a kitten face. I call her cutie a lot. She's so playful too, very much like a kitten despite her age.

They all have their own thrones, though I tend to be the most popular one hah. It's not unusual for me to go to sleep with one cat on me and wake up with a different one. Tiffany's not much of a lap cat though but she'll often hang out on the back of whatever chair/couch I'm on. Since she doesn't have claws to hold on with she'll drape one arm on each side of the chair like she's holding on for dear life. :P
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Awwww! Beautiful cats. I love how fluffy Zippy is, especially his fluffy paws!
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Tiffany is my favourite and I have always loved that name!

Thank you for sharing.
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Awww! All three of your cats are beautiful. But I just love Zippy! I think he looks like a pirate, saying "Yaaaarrrr!"
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You have a beautiful fur family!
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